‘Tis the season for AWS re:Invent

‘Tis the season for AWS re:Invent

It’s that time of the year when 40,000+ people cram into Las Vegas for Amazon AWS re:Invent , which kicks off November 26. If you think about it, the attendees are all connected, but don’t realize it. It’s like a huge graph and many new insights and connections will be discovered next week. And, that’s one reason I joined TigerGraph, an innovating graph technology platform. Another reason I joined TigerGraph was seeing how cloud service giants like Amazon and Microsoft were jumping into the market and validating the industry’s growing interest in graph technology to get value from their connected data.

As a former Amazonian, I am excited to attend the event as an AWS partner and exhibitor (booth 2010). This is my 5th re:Invent, so I wanted to share a few tips on ways to get the most bang for your buck, without doing long-term damage to your mind, body, and soul!

  • Wear comfy shoes and bring a good and portable water bottle that can attach to your backpack, briefcase, laptop, whatever you plan to carry, because you will be walking a lot. The average person does about 25,000 steps a day. Sure it’s fun to wear those new boots or heels, but trust me, your dogs are gonna be barking if looks prioritize over comfort and functionality.
  • As the show has grown wildly, almost as fast as AWS, the event now requires several venues in Vegas. No longer is the Sands’ Conference center big enough, so events happen at MGM, Aria, the Mirage and many more. While AWS provides free shuttles, waiting for them is not time well spent. Uber (a customer of ours!) and Lyft (not yet a customer!) are plentiful and that is money well spent.
  • Support AWS Partners and explore all that the Expo at the Venetian has to offer – which includes Sponsor booths, AWS Village, Developer Lounge, Content Theater, Partner Theaters, Builders Fair, and Lounges. Meet the TigerGraph team at booth 2010 and find out how huge organizations rely on our graph analytics platform to tackle the toughest data challenges in real time, no matter how large or complex the data set.  

Recently TigerGraph announced quick install for major cloud marketplaces – such as Amazon AWS Marketplace – helping customers control where their data is stored to prevent cloud vendor lock-in. TigerGraph now offers new support for Docker and Kubernetes containers for easy portability across on-premises and cloud environments.

We also have some very exciting news about new ways to consume TigerGraph and launch faster…standby for more info coming out at re:Invent next week.

Happy re:Invent-ing!

Dave Zamborsky
Director of Sales

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