Activating a System-Specific License v2.1

Activating a System-Specific License

Version 1.1 to 2.1

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This guide provides step-to-step instructions for activating or
a TigerGraph license, by generating and installing a license key unique to that TigerGraph system. This document applies to both non-distributed and distributed systems. In this document, a cluster acting cooperatively as one TigerGraph database is considered one system.

A valid license key activates the TigerGraph system for normal operation. A license key has a built-in expiration date and is valid on only one system. Some license keys may apply other restrictions, depending on your contract. Without a valid license key, a TigerGraph system can perform certain administration functions, but database operations will not work.

To activate a new license, a user first configures their TigerGraph system. The user then collects the fingerprint of theTigerGraph system (so-called license seed) using a TigerGraph-provided utility program. Then the collected materials are sent to TigerGraph or an authorized agent via email or web form. TigerGraph certifies the license based on the collected materials and sends a license key back to the user. The user then installs the license key on their system using another TigerGraph command. A new license key (e.g., one with a later expiration) can be installed on a live system that already has a valid license; the installation process does not
database operations.

If your system is currently using an older string-based license key which does not use a license seed, please contact

for the
procedure to upgrade to the new system-specific license type

Step-by-Step Guide

Note: Before beginning the license activation process, the TigerGraph package must be installed on each server, and the TigerGraph system must be
with gadmin.

  1. Collect the fingerprint of the whole TigerGraph system using the command tg_
    , which can be executed on any machine in the system. The command tg_lic_seed packs all the collected data into a local file (named tigergraph_seed). When tg_lic_seed has completed successfully, it outputs the path of the collected data to the console.

    Collect Fingerprint of TigerGraph System

    $ tg_lic_seed

    seed file is ready at /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/tigergraph_seed

  2. Send the tigergraph_seed file to TigerGraph
    , either through our license activation web portal (preferred) or by email to

    If using email, please include the following information:

    1. Company/Organization name
    2. Contract number
      . If you do not know you contract number, please contact your sales representative or
  3. If the contract and license seed are in good order, a new
    license key
    file will be certificated and
    sent back to you.
  4. Copy the license key file to a directory on the TigerGraph system where the TigerGraph linux user has r
    ead permission
  5. To install the license key, run command tg_
    , specifying the path to the license key file.

    Install License

    $ tg_lic_install
    Usage: tg_lic_install <license_path>

    If installation is completed successfully, the message “install license successfully” will be displayed in the console. Otherwise, another message “failed to install license” will be displayed.

Checking License Information

After a license key has been installed successfully on a TigerGraph system, the information of the installed license is available via the following REST API:

Get License Information

$ curl -X GET "localhost:9000/showlicenseinfo"
    "message": "",
    "error": false,
    "version": {
      "schema": 0,
      "api": "v2",
    "code": "",
    "results": [
        "Days remaining": 10160,
        "Expiration date": "Mon Oct  2 04:00:00 2045\n"