Building a Better Chain

Originally Featured on Manufacturing Management Complex supply chains are a feature of many companies and involve multiple manufacturing sites, hundreds of suppliers, thousands of products

Neo4j 4.0 Fabric – A Look Behind the Curtain

This week, Neo4j announced version 4.0, featuring their Fabric database, advertised as offering “unlimited scalability.” They go on to describe it as “Sharding and federation:

Five Data Analytics Predictions for 2020

The phrase “2020 vision” implies that someone is able to see clearly. In this article I’m going to  examine five technologies that have the potential

Getting Started with Giraffle on TigerGraph Cloud

Pre-Requirements Have git && gradle installed on your computer Your TigerGraphs Cloud Instance Details Introduction to Giraffle Giraffle can be used to help you automate the deployment of schema,

Getting Connected at AWS re:Invent

TigerGraph’s product management team and I attended AWS re:Invent, where 60,000 persons from around the globe had gathered to see what is new and exciting