Expand Your Data and Analytics Capabilities with TigerGraph Connectors

Expand Your Data and Analytics Capabilities with TigerGraph Connectors

by Rayees Pasha, Product Lead, TigerGraph Database

Your data is only as good as your ability to understand and utilize it. 

Forrester Research estimates that between 60% – 73% of data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics.

Data-driven organizations want to leverage all their data assets. Integrating all the data sources and discovering latent connections can deliver the next level of insights. These advanced analytic capabilities are starting to become a must-have for every organization to gain business advantages. 

TigerGraph delivers broader insight into all the relationships from your data. But, this requires deep integration with both upstream and downstream data sources. To address this need, TigerGraph is building a library of connectors to complement your existing analytics capabilities by making the power of advanced analytics on connected data available to you better than before.

First up, is our Snowflake connector.

Accomplish More with Data Stored in a Snowflake Warehouse

Snowflake is a leading cloud-native data warehousing solution that many top companies have wisely selected. Snowflake’s customers enjoy many benefits, including support for tabular data analytics and low operational costs. However, not all data can be analyzed using SQL-like querying capabilities and, if the data has many connections, a tabular model can be a disadvantage. 

This can, for example, result in an inability to fully uncover the relationships between the data stored in a Snowflake warehouse. At a minimum, it typically leads to slow query performance that impacts the bottom line of any organization. Fortunately, an organization can elevate its decision-making by adding TigerGraph, an advanced graph database, to its data and analytics capabilities.

Exact Sciences Improves Performance

Consider the example of Exact Sciences, a molecular diagnostics company. Exact Sciences observed that it had to develop significantly more business logic when looking for business analysis from its legacy database. Writing business logic became challenging because the company had many variables like physicians, materials, products, and more. Whenever Exact Sciences had to identify relationships that did not connect vertically to their tabular data, such as physicians and marketing collateral, the company had to bridge data to find the mapping between those variables. TigerGraph eliminated the need to bridge these two entities and avoided significant effort by doing so.

Prior to TigerGraph, the marketing team at Exact Sciences was incapable of understanding the complete customer lifecycle, leading to missed opportunities and frustration amongst the sales team. Exact Science has leveraged the analytics capabilities of TigerGraph to build a Doctor-and-Product 360 solution. Once the data is imported into TigerGraph, a combination of deep link analytics and pattern matching identifies causality and recommends next-best-actions. Exact Sciences was able to use TigerGraph to answer questions like, “What if I do not know what I am looking for, but one place of a section of data is where I want to explore?”

Here’s what Sharat Endapally, a data engineer at Exact Sciences, said about his company’s Doctor-and-Product 360 solution: “Each of the swimlanes is a different touchpoint, a different way that we interact with our customer. In traditional data analytics, I would say that this is very hard to achieve – but bringing everything together into one particular view to see what actually made a difference really means a lot. This is the power of graph.” 

TigerGraph offered Exact Sciences the ability to begin with a specific piece of marketing collateral, examine how physicians responded to it, and then identify the people who visited that physician, all without having to write complex joins.

The marketing team at Exact Sciences is accomplishing more because of the insights and recommendations that TigerGraph enables, and they are doing so easier than ever before. Best of all, by communicating more effectively with medical professionals about its products, Exact Sciences improves the early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

Get Connected

TigerGraph and Snowflake are a powerful combination and our connector streamlines and accelerates data transfer from a Snowflake data warehouse to TigerGraph. 

Here are the key features:

  • Parallel loading for fast throughput
  • Works with TigerGraph’s GSQL loading language
  • Works with TigerGraph 3.0+
  • Free and open-source
  • Leverages customer’s existing Spark environment

Click here to download our Snowflake connector.

Or watch this presentation by Sharat Endapally of Exact Sciences at Graph + AI Summit or review this data sheet on the Snowflake-to-TigerGraph Connector.  Or schedule a demo with us here.

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