Graph + AI Summit – Day 2 Recap

Thank you for joining us at the Graph + AI Summit on Day 2.  Here’s a recap for Day 2 with a summary of multiple sessions today: 

  • Day 2 General Session with Pinterest, NewDay, and WarnerMedia – Here are the key insights from Day 2’s general session:
    • Dr. Jure Leskovec, Chief Scientist at Pinterest and Professor at Stanford University shared GraphSAGE, a new way to improve machine learning for new domains with sparse training data. Dr. Leskovec shared a couple of examples – the application of the approach at Pinterest (PinSAGE) and application in pharmaceuticals to predict side effects of combining multiple drugs. 
    • Danny Clark, Head of Fraud Strategy at NewDay presented their deployment of TigerGraph to connect and analyze various types of data including prior fraud cases, account, IVR, e-servicing, and digital wallets information from Experian, Threat Matrix, RSA Security, emailage, TeleSign, and FICO Falcon Intelligence Network.
      • “Initial rollout of TigerGraph has reduced the undetected fraud cases by 10%-15% and we are planning additional enhancements in fraud detection and rollouts in other areas of the business.” – Danny Clark, Head of Fraud Strategy, NewDay
      • “We evaluated multiple leading graph database vendors and conducted a proof of concept with three suppliers. We chose TigerGraph because of the scalability, simplicity, analytical capability, flexibility of the platform along with excellent support and engagement from TigerGraph team.”  – Danny Clark, Head of Fraud Strategy, NewDay
    • Matt Teshera, Sr. VP Enterprise Data Solutions, WarnerMedia covered the crucial business drivers shaping the media and entertainment industry and recommended looking at an identity graph based on Graph as a way to understand customers better and improve engagement. Matt shared that they have implemented an identity graph at Xandr, and are using Graphs for identity graph and recommendations at the HBO business unit of WanerMedia. 

We had an amazing lineup of technical breakout sessions on April 22, with five tracks running in parallel: 

We have an exciting Day 3 for Graph + AI Summit tomorrow with three live workshops on analytics and machine learning with TigerGraph Cloud. 

TigerGraph released an updated “What is TigerGraph” video, which explains the core value proposition of a graph database in three minutes – Connect, Analyze and Learn from Data and share the core differentiators of the TigerGraph platform. 

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