Half-Terabyte Benchmark Neo4j vs. TigerGraph

  • Neo4j’s loading time is shorter than TigerGraph; however, Neo4j requires extra preprocessing that extracts the vertex file from the edge file. After including the pre-processing time, Neo4j takes longer time to loading than TigerGraph.
  • TigerGraph can effectively compresses the data size and needs 19.3x less storage space than Neo4j’s.
  • On the one-hop path query, TigerGraph is 24.8x faster than Neo4j.
  • On the three-hops path query, TigerGraph is 1808.43x faster than Neo4j.
  • TigerGraph can completed six-hops path query without pressure; the Neo4j query process was killed by OS out-of-memory killer after two hours.
  • Neo4j cannot complete page rank query within one day.

Read more on the process to get these results on DZone.

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