K-12 Data Science Virtual Conference | June 17 | Sponsored by TigerGraph


K-12 educators and parents, and generally inquisitive folks, encouraged to attend, too!


I’m excited to share that TigerGraph is sponsoring a virtual conference hosted by Data Science Connect on June 17th. By participating, kids will learn data science in relatable ways consistent with some of their daily activities.

The event includes speakers from the Denver Nuggets, TikTok, Minecraft, Pinterest, YouTube, Netflix, and other great companies, and there’s even a high school student who uses Pokemon to teach data science. 

TigerGraph is honored to be a sponsor because the future is our children, and data without proper analysis is similar to a gifted child that goes unnoticed. 

TigerGraph is the only enterprise-scale graph platform and is being used for anti-money laundering, fraud detection, customer 360, cybersecurity, machine learning, supply chain optimization, and more. TigerGraph’s customers include the world’s top banks, retailers, manufacturers, technology, healthcare, and supply chain companies. You can learn more here. 

Amelia Martin Mink, CEO of Data Science Connect, interviewed many of the speakers at the event and obtained some interesting insights into why industry professionals and our keynote speaker got into data science. 

Here is Amelia’s Q&A with Shreya Chaudhary, High school senior, winner of Graphathon Hackathon in 2020 and intern at TigerGraph: 

Q: Why did you get into data science?

A: To be quite honest, I got into data science simply because it sounded cool. I heard some classmates talking about deep learning and machine learning, and I thought, “Oh, it would be cool to try that out.” So I binged a bunch of videos, fell in love with it, then joined data science communities and learned more.

Q: What is a message you have for the future generation of data scientists?

A: For the future generation, I would say don’t be afraid to explore. Some of the code, terms, and math can seem really, really intimidating at times. My advice is just to tackle it head-on: break down the code line by line, gain a strong mathematics foundation and explore it, and explore the complex terms.

Amelia also spoke with 

Tommy Balcetis, Assistant General Manager of the Denver Nuggets:

Q: Why did you get into data science?

A: I got into data science because I’ve always loved math, it just made sense to me and I had fantastic teachers around me to stoke that flame. I really got into it when I was in college and after I joined the Nuggets. Data science seeks to create meaning in a chaotic world. I’ve always been type A and I found solace in the idea that there’s a way to explain the world with numbers. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everyday life – data science is a great way to organize one’s thinking and worldview. 

Q: What is a message you have for the future generation of data scientists?

A: My message for the future generation of data scientists is to be curious and don’t be afraid to take risks and fail. Can’t stress that enough. All of my life lessons came from failures and risky moves that ended up being my proudest moments. No one is immune to failure and if processed correctly, it can be the thing that leads you to the highest levels of success. Stay focused, stay humble, stay curious, and embrace failure. 

Last, but not least, Amelia spoke with Nechama Katan, Director of Data Science, Pfeizer: 

Q: How/why did you get into data science?

A: I love helping people learn how to use their data to make things better.

Q: What is your message to the future generation of data scientists?

A: Always ask Why! Then ask it again. Good data science is all about the questions that are asked and critical reasoning.

After your children attend the Data Science Connect conference, you’ll feel a little better each time they reach for a video game or their social media instead of something traditionally educational. Your kids might remember that data science was partially the reason they could enjoy that activity.

About Data Science Connect:

Data Science Connect (DSC) is the most significant data science organization in the Southern United States and one of the world’s most recognized data science communities.

DSC has connected the data science community since 2012.  Organizations that participated in past DSC events include NASA, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, LexisNexis, Equifax, AT&T, FedEx, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Verizon, eBay, Target, BMW, Dell, Cox Enterprises, Oracle, and many more!

About The K-12 Data Science Conference:

Date/Time: Thursday, June 17, 2021 from 10:30 – 4:30 Eastern Time

Location: Virtual



More Speakers:

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