TigerGraph Community: July Updates

Hello TigerGraph Community! Here’s the July Developer Update. So take a five-minute break, grab a snack, and scroll through the topics below. 

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Top News

We’re excited to announce we’re introducing our Community Contribution Program to encourage and grow our community. Not only do you get to show off your TigerGraph skills, but you also get to win prizes and earn recognition in the community by reaching particular milestones and achieving your Tiger Stripe! We have Stripe 1 through Stripe 5. Start earning your Stripe today by clicking here.

Also, we’re honored to announce we’re now partners with the University of California San Diego’s Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute, where we plan to grow the Data Science Community in Southern California. We’ll work with their university to bring TigerGraph to their thriving university. We’ll keep you updated on the conferences and events we’re planning in Southern California. 

If you’re into manufacturing, supply chain, and Cloud products,  check out TigerGraph Cloud in Google’s Cloud Manufacturing Summit. Learn how your manufacturing and supply chain projects can utilize Google Cloud along with TigerGraph. If your interests are Retail and Consumer Goods, check out our Google Cloud Retail and Consumer Goods Summit happening July 27th here.

Ready to learn more about TigerGraph? We have a few workshops coming up with Galvanize, NVIDIA Rapids, and Graphistry. You can sign up here.

Top Tigers

This month we’re featuring Akash Kaul, a Computer Science Student at Washington University in St. Louis. Last year during covid, Akash lost an internship. Instead of finding another internship, he decided to join the Futurist Academy, a non-profit community that fosters the development of the next generation of Futurists by focusing on exploring, building, and applying emerging technologies to reshape the future. While he was in the Futurist Academy, Akash learned TigerGraph. From there, he quickly built out open source projects, wrote blogs, and developed webinars, which ultimately led to us hiring him as an intern. Read more from his interview below:

  • What do you like about TigerGraph:
    • Everyone in the community is friendly, welcoming, and willing to help each other out. Also, TigerGraph is the best graph database on the market because the competitors don’t have the same computing power- TigerGraph is much faster. I like how TigerGraph is insanely powerful, intuitive, and querying is done with GSQL, so whoever has a data science and SQL background has an easier time learning TigerGraph. Another noteworthy feature is the Graph Studio UI. TigerGraph prioritizes making it easy to use and intuitive for its customers.
  • Why you got into it:
    • I was in the Futurist Academy that Jon Herke started. When he saw I was looking for a job, he offered me an internship. Next, he introduced me to TigerGrpah and Graph databases, where I did some sample projects and blogs. I worked at TigerGraph as an intern on the Developer Advocate Team. Some of my functions included building out demos and sample projects, documenting and writing blogs, and building out the ecosystem. Recently, I’m now interning at US Bank and looking to use TigerGraph for their Anti-Money Laundering Practice.
  • How TigerGraph relates to your education.
    • I didn’t have any exposure to graph databases in college because graph databases are a new concept for colleges, and colleges haven’t started teaching them yet. Now, I’m doing research using TigerGraph. The research includes using medical data from patients, drugs, and their ECG readings. Currently, we’re using TigerGraph for people getting ECG readings at hospitals. I’m looking at patients and their ECG readings, drug history, lab tests, and other related things to find correlations in the data or to better answer questions about why a patient has a specific ECG reading. The goal is to predict what set of factors caused the patients to have an irregular ECG. We predict we’ll find that a patient may have taken a drug that affected their heart, which caused their ECG reading. We’re seeing that maybe drug interactions are driving this problem or other factors through this analysis. 
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Coming Soon to Our Community Toolbox

We are proud to introduce TigerGraph CLI! You can check it out HERE. We are looking for testers to help make improvements, so please reach out if you’re interested. Read below to learn more.

TigerGraph CLI tool is now in Alpha Release  

  • What is it?
    • The TigerGraph CLI is a terminal utility that allows you to manage the cloud machines and on-premise instances, it also loads the algorithms library to your graphs. It does load demos and starter kits too. (Future features: backup/restore, graphQL) 
  • Why is it important? 
    • Unattended management for cloud without website access 
    • Scripting gsql is easier 
    • Interfacing like the case of tgcloud sagemaker plugin  
  • How do I use it?

TigerGraph CLI is available on Mac/Linux and Windows to install it please refer to the following link


Rad Blogs

The AMLSim Fraud Detection with TigerGraph and Google Vertex Blog Series by Shreya Chaudhary. Read below:

If you have a blog you’ve written about TigerGraph, please submit it here and we’ll feature you in one of our newsletters.

TG x Schools

School is out for the summer. What does that mean? It’s an opportunity to learn a new skill set in a fascinating and relevant way for the audience. 

TigerGraph was pleased to sponsor Data Science Connect’s world’s first global data science conference for kids ages K-12, where data science was taught in relevant ways for kids. The day included speakers from Netflix, TikTok, SnapChat, the Denver Nuggets, universities, STEM organizations, and many others. TigerGraph hosted the keynote with Shreya Chaudhary, one of our interns and active community members, where she taught TigerGraph using Pokemon Data. You can read all about the event here.

Want to learn more TigerGraph skills? Watch our recent webinar Graph Gurus 54 – Leveraging pyTigerGraph for Big Data Analytics from Google Colab.

Want to bring TigerGraph to a school near you? Let us know, and we’ll help you! We’ll even provide prizes to get them excited. Click here, and we’ll reach out.

Thank you again for all your involvement in the TigerGraph Developer Community. You keep developing unique use cases, tools, blogs, courses, and more. As mentioned above, we’ll be rolling out our Community Contribution Program and award you prizes and global recognition for your efforts. Stay tuned for more information. Have a great month!

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