TigerGraph Community: June Updates

Hello TigerGraph Community! We’re thrilled to announce we’re launching a monthly update letting you know what’s happening in TigerGraph’s Developer Community.

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Top News

Graph + AI Summit concluded, and we have more resources, videos and ways you can use TigerGraph! We held a few technical workshops and showed how to integrate TigerGraph with other solutions. To catch up on sessions you missed, you can click here. 

Also, we held a Web App Hackathon a month ago with 200 participants in 32 countries and gave away $15k in prizes. Two TigerGraph Community Members, Qi Chen and Linxiu Jiang, won the TigerGraph Web App Hackathon! In addition to winning a cash prize, TigerGraph credits, and other swag from our gracious sponsors, they were selected to speak at Graph + AI. You can watch them present here. 

Top Tigers

We’re going to start featuring our Top Tigers, aka, Developer Community Members, that have exhibited unique stories where they’ve tackled problems with TigerGraph. In the case below, it is just a super fascinating situation of someone’s TigerGraph journey!

Meet Shreya!

At 15, Shreya discovered TigerGraph through one of TigerGraph’s Hackathons. In a month, she used TigerGraph to develop a solution in the hackathon that solved a challenging problem and captivated our ENTIRE TigerGraph Developer Team. Once we saw her complex solution, we couldn’t let her get away, so we offered her an internship – a first for TigerGraph! Also, with Shreya only being 15 and in high school, we had to get her parents’ permission so she could take our internship.

One year later, she’s still very active in our community. She writes blogs, develops more TigerGraph use cases, and designs Udemy Courses (read below in our “High School Stories” section about that story, too!). 

We’ve loved her involvement in the TigerGraph Developer Community and enjoyed her journey to learning TigerGraph. We want to offer internships and hire more like Shreya, so our community leaders are attentively watching for interesting solutions, members helping out the community with their challenges, asking and answering questions, writing blogs, and organizing Meetups. If an internship or job is something you’re interested in, keep participating in our community and fill out this form, and we’ll keep you on our radar!

Another Top Tiger we want to mention is Mark Megerian.  He’s been answering questions and helping out so much in the Developer Community. Thank you for all your support! You’ll be receiving a prize in the mail soon.

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Coming Soon to Our Community Toolbox

Introducing TigerGraph CLI.

  • What is it?
      • The tigergraph CLI is a terminal utility that allows you to manage the cloud machines and on-premise instances, it also loads the algorithms library to your graphs. It does load demos and starter kits too. (Future features: backup/restore, graphQL) 
    • Why is it important? 
      • Unattended management for cloud without website access 
      • Scripting gsql is easier 
      • Interfacing like the case of tgcloud sagemaker plugin  
  • How do I use it?
    •  We’re still writing that part … It’s a binary installable via pip

Learn more get in contact with TigerGraph’s Developer Advocate, Zrouga Mohamed.

Rad Blogs

TG x Schools

High school can be challenging. Navigating the challenges of classes, college prep, extracurriculars, and of course, the social scene. It’s sometimes hard to remember certain classes because a teacher may not have taught them in an interesting way. However, some teachers take it to the next level with how they inspire their students! One humble high school teacher embarked on a quest to make learning graph and data science memorable and relevant for his students. He knew teaching Graph in a relatable way would resonate better for his students. He reached out to Shreya, the talented TigerGraph developer from the story above. He started working with her to build a custom TigerGraph course on Udemy, with Pokemon Data! 

He didn’t just teach his students about graphs but used their imagination to have the course be relevant for them. Imagine if more teachers created data science and graph in ways that their students found interesting based on their daily interests.

Want to bring TigerGraph to a school near you? Let us know, and we’ll help you! We’ll even provide prizes to get them excited. Click here, and we’ll reach out.

We want to emphasize we’re SO grateful to have you and your special contributions and interesting solutions in our community. The questions you ask we’ve all had at some point in our process of learning TigerGraph and we appreciate all the answers you provide other members that continue to help unify and grow our community.

You are amazing and we appreciate you! Thank you again.

Until next time, please let us know how we can make your TigerGraph experience even better!

Here are a few helpful links:

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If you have a feature request, please submit it here.

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