TigerGraph Receives Highest Scores Possible in Transactions, Queries/Search, Data Loading/Ingestion, Scalability, Performance, API/extensibility, Workloads, Community and Global Presence Criteria

TigerGraph Named A Leader For Graph Data Platforms

Highest Score (5/5) for Transactions

TigerGraph provides full ACID compliance and strong consistency; all updates are written to the replicas immediately.

Highest Score (5/5) for Queries/Search

TigerGraph has the most comprehensive and Turing-complete query language, GSQL for accessing graph data. TigerGraph also has a visual query builder in GraphStudio, which includes a no-code tool to query the database through drag-and-drop graph patterns. Offers the most comprehensive built-in search capabilities among all vendors.

Highest Score (5/5) for Data Loading/Ingestion

Offers a flexible way of ingesting data including GUI, APIs and scripts. Users can build graph schema models manually or use the no-code data migration tool to create graph schema automatically. Provided multiple customers that have the highest ingestion rate among all vendors. Customers claim the vendor has the best ingestion capabilities.

Highest Score (5/5) for Scalability

TigerGraph offers both vertical and horizontal scaling. Has customers doing scale-out based on automatic partitioning of data within a data center, across data centers, or multiple geographical regions. Customers are running the largest number of scale-out server nodes. Customers claim (the vendor) to have the best scalability among all vendors.

Highest Score (5/5) for Performance

TigerGraph has superior capabilities compared with others included in this evaluation. Has the highest number of concurrent users in production and provided multiple customer references that support the top-tier highest throughput (requests) per minute with graph. (23,000 total users, 13,000 concurrent users and 24,000 queries per second for patient similarity matching across 200 facets or features).

Highest Score (5/5) for Workloads

The graph solution supports all seven workloads (transactional, analytical, predictive analytics, operational, mixed, translytical, and search). The vendor provided a minimum of two customer names for each of the workloads. A total of 14 unique customers were provided. Customers claim it has the best platform for all workloads.

Highest Score (5/5) for API/extensibility

The vendor has superior capabilities compared with others included in this evaluation. Offers REST APIs and has comprehensive add-on libraries to extend graph platform functionality. TigerGraph’s speed, extensibility and API support are helping it gain momentum.


Highest Score (5/5) for Community

The vendor has the leading active graph community participation among all vendors in this Wave and drives major graph events. Customers claim it has the best community among all vendors. TigerGraph community has over 10,000 developers and offers a free enterprise license, free tier on TigerGraph Cloud and is available on AWS, Azure and GCP Cloud marketplaces.

Highest Score (5/5) for Global Presence

The vendor has customers in all major regions. It was able to provide multiple large $1B+ customer names for each of the three regions(North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific). Customers claim it has the best global graph platform.