A multiverse-metaverse planning app that allows users to solve complex problems by tapping into and leveraging social knowledge. It also socially connects users to others working on the same or similar mission, plan, or task. 


Planning is at the core of solving any complex problem, and so the catch-all solution to solve everything, everywhere… would be the ultimate planning application platform. Universe Planner is a new multiverse-metaverse planning app that shows the bigger picture view and also socially connects you at every granularity level to others working on the same or similar mission, plan, or task – seamlessly crowd-sharing knowledge of approach. Sometimes what you need to get stuff done is to see tasks from the perspective of spacetime: Universe Planner analogizes Missions as stars, Plans as planets, and Tasks as cities. 

What It Does

Universe Planner can discover who else is working on similar tasks, plans, or missions and socially connect. It is designed to help foster local in-person community for working from home. When you first open the app you can discover others nearby who are also getting things done. You can find out the intersection of their mission, plans, and tasks with yours – and maybe even serendipitously discover local collaborations. By making the process of getting things done less lonely, Universe Planner hopes to connect the world through productivity and stardust.

How We Built It

Using Queries as exposed endpoints, they developed a server side solution that uses only TigerGraph Cloud. 

  • Barebones no-dependency Unity wrappers (see github public) for Oath2 token into TigerGraph Cloud and signed GET requests for processing the queries.
  • Some hackish architecture insight after realizing the analogy of planets as plans, tasks as cities, and missions as stars in one’s universe.
  • Space Graphics Toolkit and Stardust magic in Unity