Managing TigerGraph Servers with gadmin

Managing TigerGraph Servers with gadmin


TigerGraph Graph Administrator (gadmin) is a tool for managing TigerGraph servers. It has a self-contained help function and a man page, whose output is shown below for reference. If you are unfamiliar with the TigerGraph servers, please see

GET STARTED with TigerGraph v2.1


To see a listing of all the options or commands available for gadmin, run any of the following commands:

$ gadmin -h
$ man gadmin
$ info gadmin

After changing a configuration setting, it is generally necessary to run

gadmin config-apply.

Some commands invoke config-apply automatically. If you are not certain, just run config-apply

Command Listing

Below is the man page for gadmin. Most of the commands are self-explanatory.

GADMIN(1) User Commands GADMIN(1)

gadmin – manual page for TigerGraph Administrator.

gadmin [options] COMMAND [parameters]

Version 1.0, Sept, 19, 2017

gadmin is a tool for managing TigerGraph servers

-h, –help
show this help message and exit

invoke interactive (re)configuration tool. Options: single_dir:/xxx/yyy(deploy directory will be /xxx/yyy), or a keyword(e.g., ‘gadmin –configure port’, will
configure any entry whose name has string ‘port’)

–set set one configuration

dump current configuration after parsing config files and command line options and exit

show what operation will be performed but don’t actually do it

the password to ssh to other nodes

-y, –yes
silently answer Yes to all prompts

-v, –verbose
enable verbose output

show gadmin version and exit

-f, –force
execute without performing checks

–wait wait for the last command to finish (e.g., snapshot)

Server status
gadmin status [gpe gse restpp dict,…]

IUM status
gadmin ium_status

Disk space of devices
gadmin ds [path]

Mount info of a path
gadmin mount {path}

Memory usage of TigerGraph components
gadmin mem [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

CPU usage of TigerGraph components
gadmin cpu [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

Check TigerGraph system prerequisites and resources
gadmin check

Show log of gpe, gse, restpp and issued fab commands
gadmin log [gse gpe restpp dict fab,…]

Get various information about gpe, gse and restpp
gadmin info [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

Software version(s) of TigerGraph components
gadmin version [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

Stop specified or all services
gadmin stop [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

Restart specified or all services
gadmin restart [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

Start specified or all services
gadmin start [gse gpe restpp dict,…]

Start the RESTPP loaders
gadmin start_restpp_loaders

Start the KAFKA loaders
gadmin start_kafka_loaders

Stop the RESTPP loaders
gadmin stop_restpp_loaders

Stop the KAFKA loaders
gadmin stop_kafka_loaders

Dump partial or full graph to a directory
gadmin dump_graph {gse, gpe [*, segment], all}, dir, separator

Snapshot gpe and gse
gadmin snapshot

Reset the kafka queues
gadmin reset

Show the available packages
gadmin pkg-info

Install new package to TigerGraph system
gadmin pkg-install

Update gpe, gse, restpp, dict, etc. without configuration change
gadmin pkg-update

Remove available packages or binaries from package pool
gadmin pkg-rm [files]

Apply new configure. Note some modules may need to restart
gadmin config-apply [gse gpe restpp dict kafka zk]

Set a new license key
gadmin set-license-key license key string

Update the new graph schema
gadmin update_graph_config

Update components under a directory
gadmin update

Setup sync of all gstore data in mutiple machines
gadmin setup_gstore_sync

Setup rate control of RESTPP loader
gadmin setup_restpploader_rate_ctl

Restart sync of all gstore data in mutiple machines
gadmin gstore_sync_restart

Stop sync of all gstore data in mutiple machines
gadmin gstore_sync_stop

For more information, updates and news, visit gadmin website:

The full documentation for gadmin is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and gadmin programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info gadmin

should give you access to the complete manual.

TigerGraph Administrator. Sept 2017 GADMIN(1)


Checking the status of TigerGraph component servers:

Use “gadmin status” to report whether each of the main component servers is running (up) or stopped (off).  The example below shows the normal status when the graph store is empty and a graph schema has not been defined:


gadmin status

=== zk ===

[SUMMARY][ZK] process is up

[SUMMARY][ZK] /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/zk is ready

=== kafka ===

[SUMMARY][KAFKA] process is up

[SUMMARY][KAFKA] queue is ready

=== gse ===

[SUMMARY][GSE] process is


[SUMMARY][GSE] id service has


been initialized

=== dict ===

[SUMMARY][DICT] process is up

[SUMMARY][DICT] dict server is ready

=== graph ===

[SUMMARY][GRAPH] graph has


been initialized

=== restpp ===

[SUMMARY][RESTPP] process is


[SUMMARY][RESTPP] restpp has


been initialized

=== gpe ===

[SUMMARY][GPE] process is


[SUMMARY][GPE] graph has


been initialized

=== glive ===

[SUMMARY][GLIVE] process is up

[SUMMARY][GLIVE] glive is ready

=== Visualization ===

[SUMMARY][VIS] process is up (WebServer:2254; DataBase:2255)

[SUMMARY][VIS] Web server is working

Stopping a particular server, such as the rest server (name is “restpp”):

$ gadmin stop restpp

Changing the retention size of queue to 10GB:

$ gadmin –set -f online.queue.retention_size 10

Updating the TigerGraph License Key

A TigerGraph license key is initially set up during the installation process. If you have obtained a new license key,  run the command

gadmin set-license-key <new_key>

to install your new key. You should then follow this with

gadmin config-apply

Example: Setting the license key



admin set-license-key


[RUN ]


[RUN ]


[RUN ]

rm -rf /home/tigergraph/tigergraph_coredump

[RUN ]

mkdir -p /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/logs/coredump

[RUN ]

ln -s /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/logs/coredump /home/tigergraph/tigergraph_coredump


gadmin config-apply

[FAB ][2017-03-31 15:03:05] check_config

[FAB ][2017-03-31 15:03:06] update_config_all

Local config modification Found, will restart dict server and update configures.

[FAB ][2017-03-31 15:03:11] launch_zookeepers

[FAB ][2017-03-31 15:03:21] launch_gsql_subsystems:DICT

[FAB ][2017-03-31 15:03:22] gsql_mon_alert_on

Local config modification sync to dictionary successfully!