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Executive Viewpoint 2018 Prediction: TigerGraph – The Year Graph Technology Transforms Enterprise Computing

Real-time big graphs represent the next stage in the graph database evolution, and are designed to deal with massive data volumes and data creation rates to provide real-time analytics.

Enterprises demand real-time graph analytic capabilities that can explore, discover and predict very complex relationships. This represents deep link analytics, achieved utilizing three to 10+ hops of traversal across a big graph, along with fast graph traversal speed and data updates.

Technologies leveraging graph databases will power more and more enterprise AI, machine learning, cyber security and IoT applications. And the graph space continues to grow – take for example, TigerGraph’s emergence in September with the industry’s first Native Parallel Graph technology, and Amazon’s recent announced of a limited preview of its Amazon Neptune graph cloud offering.

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Inside Big Data

Interview: Dr. Yu Xu, CEO and Founder of TigerGraph

Dr. Yu Xu: Today, companies are demanding real-time data to make informed decisions and to provide better customer experiences. Graph analytics are optimized to deliver new insight and intelligence previously impossible or hard to detect, allowing enterprises to capture key business moments for competitive advantage.

When data are modeled and represented in a graph structure, as nodes and the set of connections (edges) between those nodes, new perspectives are revealed. Graph analytics leverages connections between data to better reveal patterns, non-obvious relationships, correlations and sequences.

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Database trends and applications

22 Startups to Watch in ’18

TigerGraph is named one of the 22 companies that are worth watching in 2018 by DBTA.

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Back to the future: Does graph database success hang on query language?

If the history of relational databases is any indication, what is going on in graph databases right now may be history in the making.

TigerGraph on its part recently announced version 2.0, which it says comes with performance improvements. But what is maybe most noteworthy is what TigerGraph says is a unique feature that enables multiple users to work on the same graph simultaneously.

This is called MultiGraph and is meant to give organizations control over which parts of a graph or graphs users can access while maintaining security and data integrity.

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China Tech Investing In U.S. Slows And Refocuses In Rough Currents

Last year, Baidu bought in Seattle, and invested some an estimated $40 million in three machine learning and data companies: Silicon Valley-based data link analytics entrant TigerGraph, big data application Tiger Computing Solutions, and computer vision startup xPerception.

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RT Insights

TigerGraph 2.0 Amps Up Graph Analytics

The world’s swiftest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, TigerGraph, has just introduced TigerGraph 2.0. This latest program will provide businesses with the fastest and most scalable graph analytics to date. The new platform offers a Multiple Graph feature, which is the first of its kind, and better-distributed system performance and security.

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DATAVERSITY: TigerGraph 2.0 Helps Enterprises Roar with the Fastest, Most Scalable Graph Analytics

A new press release reports, “TigerGraph, the world’s fastest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, today introduced TigerGraph 2.0 to empower enterprises with the fastest and most scalable graph analytics. TigerGraph 2.0 offers real time MultiGraph collaboration services – an industry first that supports upcoming GDPR requirements, along with enhancements in distributed system performance and security…”

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TigerGraph Serves Collaboration and Security with Multi-Graph

The capability to share data insights with other people or departments is instrumental to collaboration, and yet it’s also the source of real security concerns in today’s dangerous world. Graph database startup TigerGraph addressed that conflict today by introducing a new multi-graph function in the second major release of its flagship product.

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Silicon Angle

TigerGraph adds multiple views, calling it a graph database first

Graph database startup TigerGraph Inc. is coming out with version 2.0 of its platform today, offering what it says is a unique feature that enables multiple users to work on the same graph simultaneously.

Graph databases are a type of NoSQL database that represent data as objects rather than in rows and columns. Connections can be traversed quickly to find relationships that would require multiple resource-consuming joins using relational technology.

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Database trends and applications

TigerGraph 2.0 Introduces Real-Time MultiGraph Collaboration Service

TigerGraph, which provides a graph analytics platform for the enterprise, has announced TigerGraph 2.0 which introduces real time MultiGraph collaboration.

TigerGraph 2.0’s graph analytics collaboration service is significant, the company says, because it allows multiple groups to share one master database for access to real-time updates and collaboration. Local control and security features help enterprises meet compliance regulations.

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