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Tigergraph Certification: GSQL 101

This course provides the basics of programming in GSQL, and enables you to create and use TigerGraph’s graph database and analytics solution.


In the course, you will learn the following:

  • How to enter and exit GSQL, and check the status of your TigerGraph database.
  • The basic structure of vertex and edge types, and how to define vertex and edge types.
  • How to create a graph, and delete a graph, if needed.
  • How to design and run a loading job to import data into your graph.
  • How to run simple built-in queries to inspect your data.
  • How to write simple custom queries to traverse your graph and analyze the data.


  • TigerGraph Fundamentals (familiarity with graph database and analytics concepts is preferred)
  • Get started with TigerGraph Cloud for free (Recommended)
  • Download and install TigerGraph Developer Edition (Alternatively)

Study time: 45 minutes

Learning Resources:

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Certification Test

Upon successful completion of the test, a certificate will be emailed to you – you can share with you manager, colleagues, one or more groups on LinkedIn or another professional network. 

Test time: 30-45 minutes  |  Score required: 70% or higher