We believe in the value of connected data, so connecting TigerGraph into your infrastructure is simple. RESTful APIs. Starting from standard, universal protocols (RESTful APIs and JSON output), TigerGraph and our partners are constantly adding more options to make it even easier.

Ecosys Repository

Whether developed by TigerGraph or our Developer Community, here you’ll find everything from connectors, developer tools, visualization tools to data+application starter kits. TigerGraph’s ecosys repository on GitHub is your one-stop center. For the latest open-source integrations and projects, also check out the TigerGraph Community Hub.

GSQL Graph Algorithms

Expertly-designed, open-source graph algorithms written in GSQL. Fast: Native MPP design means faster execution Scalable: Executes on TigerGraph’s distributed database Open-source and user-extensible.

Built-in Drivers and Loaders

Use either GSQL(R) or GraphStudio(R) built-in loading features. Built-in loaders for Kafka and AWS S3 support both streaming and bulk data loading.
No-Code Data Migration will help you get started.


For enterprise-ready and certified connectors and platforms, see our Partners