Graph Database Benchmark Report

Benchmark Summary

TigerGraph, Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph, and ArangoDB

TigerGraph Leaps Past The Competition

The Graph Database Benchmark compares TigerGraph to Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph and ArangoDB for loading, storage, graph query and scalability with hardware.

  • For 2-hop path queries, TigerGraph is 40x to 337x faster than other graph databases.
  • When comparing storage requirements for the same raw data, other graph databases need 5x to 13x more disk space compared to TigerGraph.
  • TigerGraph loads data 1.8x to 58x faster than other graph databases.
  • TigerGraph scales almost linearly with additional machines, achieving 6.7x speedup with 8 machines for the computationally intensive PageRank algorithm. Neo4j and Amazon Neptune cannot partition a graph across multiple machines for the versions tested, thus could not be tested for this part.

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