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Finding Better Answers and Making Discoveries using Graph Analytics and TigerGraph

In the talk, we will introduce graph analytics -- what is graph-structured data and how it helps to reveal new insights and to boost the quality of applications from fraud detection and recommendation to supply chain/routing optimization and therapeutic drug design.

Fraud Detection Solutions To Fight Retail Fraud with Expero

Retail Fraud is on the rise and affecting all of us, disputed charges on credit cards and billions of dollars in lost revenue have caused a rapid increase in product prices.


Connect the Dots in Complex Distributed Data

In this webinar, you'll hear how companies globally rely on graph-powered solutions to combat fraud and money laundering, build more efficient and effective supply chains, and understand their customers to help meet their needs and protect their sensitive data better.

No-Code Fraud and Money Laundering Detection

In this webinar, we will walk you through how to conduct fraud and money laundering detection on TigerGraph with our visual query builder tool.


How to Navigate Graph Data Science: A Roadmap

Today's analytical graph databases are taking organizations to another level by connecting their data, representing knowledge better, and obtaining answers to deeper questions in real-time.

GSQL Schema and Query Writing Best Practices

A good graph schema design represents important relationships in a natural way, while also minimizing system resource consumption and enabling the best query performance.