openCypher Support

Opening TigerGraph’s doors to the world’s most widely adopted graph query language and the developers using it.

Query language support is essential to getting the most out of your graph database. According to its website, openCypher “is the most widely adopted, fully-specified, and open query language for property graph databases.” With a developer base numbering in the hundreds of thousands, openCypher is commonly used across several well-known graph database products on the market today.

Our GSQL graph query language has long been praised for being SQL-like and for its features, like accumulators, which make it more capable of developing powerful graph-based solutions. We are taking steps to add full support for openCypher within the GSQL language, opening the door for openCypher developers to take advantage of the power of TigerGraph.

Get Started with openCypher Playground

Using TigerGraph’s openCypher Playground, you can see how sample openCypher queries are translated into GSQL. This translation tool is just the first step
in our journey to fully integrate openCypher support into GSQL.