The GSQL® query language is the choice for fast and scalable graph operations and analytics, for the cloud or on-premises. GSQL’s similarity to SQL, High-level syntax, Turing completeness, and built-in parallelism brings faster performance, faster development and the ability to describe any algorithm.


Features and Benefits 


Optimizes storage efficiency and query speed. Supports data-independent app/query development.

Built-in high performance parallelism

Achieves the fastest results


Familiar to over 1 million users

Conventional control flow (FOR, WHILE, IF/ELSE)

Makes it easy to implement conventional algorithms

Procedural queries calling queries

Parameterized queries are flexible and can be used to build more complex queries

Transactional graph updates

HTAP - Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing, with real-time data updates

SQL Friendly

Building on SQL is important for many reasons. It is the best-known database language, period. Based on a solid foundation of relational algebra, SQL has proven itself to be robust and enterprise-ready. This is why GSQL features an SQL-like syntax that reduces the learning curve for SQL programmers. 

A New Standard

Enterprises are using a variety of query languages today. With the widespread adoption of graph databases, it’s time for a standard graph query language. GSQL takes the best features of previous relational and graph query languages, to set the new standard. 

Read TigerGraph’s vision for extending its GSQL query language to support simultaneous querying of graph and relational data in a fashion that brings out the commonalities between the two models. 

TigerGraph’s vision for extending its GSQL query language

The extension of the SQL FROM clause
The uniform treatment of FROM variables in the remaining clauses
Wherever standard SQL allows a nested subquery, this subquery may take graphs as input

High Level Overview Of GSQL

Learn about GSQL's SQL-like syntax that reduces the learning curve for SQL programmers
GSQL simultaneously supports a MapReduce interpretation that is preferred by NoSQL developers
Compare GSQL to other prominent graph query languages in use today - Cypher and Gremlin