TigerGraph Certification

TigerGraph offers training and certification courses that address the current lack of learning resources for designing and implementation of graph-based solutions.

Become a Certified TigerGraph Associate

Becoming a certified TigerGraph associate is the first step on the learning curve. Not only will this provide you a good understanding of the business benefits and use case cases of graph database and analytics, it will also provide you the basics of programming in GSQL.

How Do I Become Certified?

You will need to complete two training modules and achieve a passing score on the subsequent test:

  • TigerGraph Fundamentals – this module teaches the business benefits of graph database and analytics and examines a variety of use cases
  • GSQL Programming 101 – this module provides the basics of programming in GSQL, TigerGraph’s graph query language

Graph Fundamentals

Step 1

GSQL Programming 101

Step 2