How to Win

Are you ready to take The Graph For All Challenge? 

If so, follow these six steps:

Pick a Problem To Solve

You can select from our curated list of challenges developed by domain experts or design your own problem statement. The choice is yours!

Register For The Challenge


  • A free TigerGraph Cloud account
  • Access to datasets and tools
  • TigerGraph and partner tool training
  • Support through our Developer Community

Set Up Your TG Cloud Account

Log in to your free TigerGraph Cloud account and explore datasets and tools from our amazing partners. Watch the quick start guide video to help you set up your account in under 10 minutes. Join the TigerGraph Developer Community to find a team, ask technical questions and get important updates.

Submit Your Solution

Tell us what you build and why. Use TigerGraph to build your solution and tell us how your entry was the most…

Impactful in solving a real world problem

Innovative use case of graph

Ambitious and complex graph

Applicable graph solution

Promote and Vote

TigerGraph will announce the top finalists. Promote and vote for your favorite submission. Now hang tight while our judges select the final winners!


We will announce 15 winning submissions at the Graph+AI Summit May 24-25, 2022. See who won the Graph For All Million Dollar Challenge. Will you be our Grand Prize winner?

Innovation is the only way to win.