Why Our Customers Choose TigerGraph

Data scientists, engineers, architects, business and IT leaders from Fortune 500 organizations, innovative mid-size companies, as well as startups choose TigerGraph to accelerate their analytics, AI, and machine learning projects with graph algorithms.

Gartner Peer Insights

Learn Why Customers Across All Industries Choose TigerGraph

 Featured Banking, Finance and Fintech Customers


Leveraging Knowledge Graphs to Accelerate Intuit's AI Journey

Major Bank

Improving the Ability to Combat Money Laundering with TigerGraph

JPMorgan Chase

Identifies complex relationship in data to help protect the more than 60 million households from fraud


Improving Risk Management for Banking and Fintech with Graph and Machine Learning


Intercepting Fraudulent Credit Card Applications with TigerGraph Cloud

Credit Scoring Company

Credit Agency Connects Its Data Silos with TigerGraph

Featured Technology and Start-Up Customers

Microsoft Xbox

Transform its Communities to Loyal Customers Using TigerGraph

Cybersecurity Company

Market Leader in Cyber Resilience Scales Next-Generation Cybersecurity Services in the Cloud with TigerGraph

Technology Giant

Technology Giant Improves Customer Experiences with TigerGraph


Featured Retail and Manufacturing Customers

Jaguar Land Rover

Accelerating Supply Chain Planning From Three Weeks to 45 minutes


Uses entity resolution to avoid unnecessary breaks in the production assembly line

Large Retailer

Retailer Improves Store Operations and Increases Customer Satisfaction with TigerGraph


Featured Advertising, Marketing and Publishing Customers

Ippen Digital

Driving New Revenue Streams for Publishers with TigerGraph


TigerGraph Powers Kickdynamic’s Real-Time Email Recommendations


Reducing Query Time and Increase the Ability to Dig Deeper Into Corporate Data Using TigerGraph


Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns And Unlocking Real-Time Business Insights With TigerGraph


Building Graph-Based Identity Resolution at Scale for Entity Resolution

Featured Government and Energy Customers

County of Santa Clara County

Improving the Management of Welfare Services Using TigerGraph

State Grid Corporation

Faster Than Real-Time Energy Management System with TigerGraph

Featured Healthcare and Science Customers

Exact Sciences

Exact Sciences Increases Market Share and Profitability with a Doctor-and-Product 360 Solution built on TigerGraph


Improving the Quality of Healthcare by Identifying Influencers and Referral Networks using TigerGraph