TigerGraph Powers Kickdynamic’s Real-Time Email Recommendations

Kickdynamic’s email marketing platform enables companies to deliver truly personalized marketing communications. With Kickdynamic, marketers can automate content generation at scale, populating HTML templates with personalized offerings drawn from CRM data. More than 200 brands in fashion, retail, travel and other sectors are using Kickdynamic to boost customer engagement and sales.

The Challenge

In the competitive world of online retailing, it isn’t enough to offer simple recommendations such as “customers who bought this item also bought this”. Recommendation is a never-ending battle for accuracy and timeliness, and studies have shown that businesses must constantly strive to deliver highly relevant content or run the risk of seeing their customers drift away.

A Gartner survey found that more than half of consumers would unsubscribe from companies’ communications due to poor marketing personalization, while 74 percent of marketing leaders report they struggle to scale up their personalization efforts. Caught between these two inexorable facts, marketing leaders are looking for new solutions to analyse customer data and personalise communications.

The Solution

Kickdynamic knew that it needed a graph database to underpin the development of its recommendation engine. After careful consideration, it chose TigerGraph on AWS Cloud. TigerGraph’s deep-link analytics allows Kickdynamic customers to go 10 hops or more into their CRM data, with each hop yielding further insights into customer likes, needs and intent. And thanks to its native parallel architecture, TigerGraph processes queries in real-time, enabling the delivery of product content based on customer preferences and product availability. 

With TigerGraph, Kickdynamic customers get to know their customers better through real-time relationship analysis which allows them to make inferences from browsing data, discovering similarities across products and users, and cross-user behavioral patterns to deliver relevant recommendations and capture key ‘business moments’ before they disappear.

The Results

TigerGraph’s deep link analysis is helping Kickdynamic customers – such as luxury clothing retailers – deliver real-time targeted recommendations that strike a chord with consumers. The result is increased engagement, brand loyalty, and sales conversions while also helping marketers to streamline their internal manual email build processes.