Accelerate Analytics and AI with Graph Algorithms

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Graph + AI Summit

Graph + AI Summit is the first and only open conference for accelerating analytics, AI and machine learning with graph algorithms.


Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

Director of Data & Analytics, Jaguar Land Rover

Head of Fraud Strategy, NewDay

Chief Scientist at Pinterest | Professor, Stanford

Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Distinguished Engineer and Architect, Intuit

CEO, Ippen Digital Media

Managing Director, Resilience Risk & Trust, Accenture

Director of Product Development, Intel

Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx Inc.

Cancer Research, Technical University of Denmark

Analytics Architect, Dell

Senior Product Manager, Tableau Software

Vice President, Expero

Analytics Specialist, AWS (Amazon Web Services)

CEO, Sayari

GM Data Science, Mastech InfoTrellis


Chief Executive Officer, SaH Analytics International

Senior Data Scientist and Spark/Scala ML Engineer, John Snow Labs

Founder, Graphistry

Director AI Literacy, KPMG


VP & Senior Partner, IBM

Principal, Applied AI Institute


Why Should I Attend?

If you are a business or IT executive:

Learn How To Accelerate Analytics, AI & ML

Featured case studies in healthcare, banking, media, entertainment, telecom, retail and eCommerce companies

Understand How To Use Graph Algorithms With Analytics, AI & ML

Deliver next-generation entity resolution, MDM, customer 360, fraud detection, recommendation engine & supply chain optimization


Attend Hands-On Workshops With Other Practitioners

Explore and build advances analytics patterns and machine learning features with GUI (no coding required)

If you are a data scientist, engineer or architect:

Learn To Integrate Graph Into Your Analytics & AI Projects

Get Certified On Graph Algorithms For Machine Learning

See Real-World Examples That Use Graph With AI & ML