Network Resource Optimization with Graph Database

Optimize Mobile Networks, Cloud Infrastructure and IT Resources With TigerGraph

Unplanned Outages Are Costing the Utility Companies Billions

Mobile telecom network outages cost over $15 billion annually. Outages affect both the top-line and bottom-line, as well as customer satisfaction and the reputation of the mobile operator. Cloud computing costs are increasing each month. A survey in 2017 found that over 84% of the cloud services are over-provisioned, meaning they have allocated more computing or memory than what’s required for the workload. Gartner estimates that IT downtime costs an organization over $5,600 per minute, with lost productivity. 

It’s no surprise, therefore, that organizations are looking for new ways of optimizing telecom networks, cloud infrastructure and IT resources to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Why TigerGraph, a Native Parallel Graph Database for Optimization of the Network, IT and Cloud Resources?

Optimize Mobile Network and It Resources With Graph Analytics

Virtualization has transformed the business landscape, leading to the pooling of computing, storage, and networking resources. Network and IT infrastructure administrators have the flexibility to share the resources and deploy workloads for multiple applications, services, and business units. Increasingly, data centers are using IoT sensors to monitor the health of each network or IT resource. The data from millions of sensors is analyzed by TigerGraph in real-time to detect when a resource such as a storage array, server, network switch or router shows the signs of wear, requires maintenance or is nearing its peak capacity.

Using TigerGraph, administrators can also figure out which workloads are affected based on likely resource outage and how to minimize the impact by moving the critical workloads to other computing or storage servers. TigerGraph’s GraphStudio provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for modeling, visualizing and exploring all resources, and also empowers the administrators to do what-if scenarios as well as real-time planning to offset outages.

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure With Graph Analytics

With TigerGraph, organizations can model and visualize their cloud resource consumption with workloads for each department,team, product, and owner running on the servers. Cloud service administrators and cost optimization leaders can analyze and create recommendations for optimizing resource consumption to reduce costs while maintaining service levels for critical workloads. TigerGraph’s GraphStudio empowers the users to visualize and optimize tasks for each person or team to improve the operational efficiency while cutting the cloud bill.