Graph-Powered Analytics And Machine Learning With TigerGraph

A practical guide that shows data scientists, data engineers, architects, and business analysts how to get started with a graph database using TigerGraph, one of the leading graph database models available.

Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning with Graph

JPMorgan Chase

Protecting 60 million households from fraud

Jaguar Land Rover

Accelerating supply chain planning with graph


Customer 360 for 100 million customers


Scalable Graph Analytics for All

TigerGraph delivers the power of a scalable graph database and analytics platform to everyone -- including non-technical users.

Start in minutes, build in hours and deploy in days with the industry’s first and only distributed graph database-as-a-service.

Our powerful graphical user interface integrates all the phases of graph analytics into one easy-to-use application.


Unleash the Power of a Graph Database

Product and Service Marketing

Transform product and service marketing with TigerGraph

Customer Journey/360

Create real-time customer 360 with TigerGraph


Personalized recommendation with TigerGraph


Detect fraud in real-time with Tigergraph

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Detect money laundering in real-time with TigerGraph

Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Risk assessment and monitoring in real-time with TigerGraph

Improving the quality of healthcare by identifying influencers and referral networks using TigerGraph

Developing a workspace solution that engages employees and increases productivity using TigerGraph

The world’s largest open database of companies uses TigerGraph as its backend graph database

Accelerating credit assessments and anti-fraud evaluations using TigerGraph

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Native Parallel Graphs

The Next Stage in the Graph Database Evolution