TigerGraph's Native Parallel Graph


Massively parallel processing provides sub-second response for queries with tens of millions of entities/relationships.


Scales out with your growing needs (and stays fast, of course). Trillion-edge graphs are running real-time analytics in production.

Deep-Link Analytics

Gain deeper insights through queries which can traverse 10 or more hops and perform complex analytics.

Graph Query Language

The GSQL™ query language is the choice for high-performance graph operations and analytics. High-level syntax, Turing completeness, and built-in parallelism mean faster performance and development.


Multiple groups can share the same master database, while retaining local control and security. This helps enterprises break down data silos, improving transparency and access to data.

Visual Interface

TigerGraph GraphStudio™ is our simple yet powerful graphical user interface. GraphStudio integrates all the phases of graph data analytics into one easy-to-use graphical user interface.


Scalable Graph Analytics for All

The only scalable graph database for the enterprise delivers the power of a scalable graph database and analytics to everyone -- including non-technical users.

With TigerGraph Cloud you can start in minutes, build in hours and deploy in days with the industry’s first and only distributed graph database-as-a-service.

GraphStudio™ is our simple yet powerful graphical user interface that integrates all the phases of graph data analytics into one easy-to-use application.

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Designed from the Ground Up for Speed and Scale


Trusted Technology

Improving the quality of healthcare by identifying influencers and referral networks using TigerGraph

Developing a workspace solution that engages employees and increases productivity using TigerGraph

The world’s largest open database of companies uses TigerGraph as its backend graph database

Accelerating credit assessments and anti-fraud evaluations using TigerGraph