Integration Testing with TigerGraph

CI/CD with Docker, and GitHub Actions for a TigerGraph-backed Gradle application. by David Baker Effendi This blog was originally posted on Medium CodeX  Integration testing

Modelling Opioid Data with pyTigerGraph

Written by Shreya Chaudhary, originally posted on Medium. What is pyTigerGraph? pyTigerGraph is a Python wrapper for TigerGraph. With it, one can integrate the power

Understanding Graph Embeddings

A sample of customer data in a knowledge graph and the embedding vector attached to the graph. by Dan McCreary, Distinguished Engineer in AI and

Add Graph to Your 2021 Resolutions

Happy new year! Here’s a selection of our best webinars, workshops and conference presentations from 2020, along with our most popular blog articles – there’s

Introducing TigerGraph 3.1

Introducing TigerGraph 3.1

by Rayees Pasha, Product Manager, TigerGraph On December 2nd 2020, we announced the general availability release of TigerGraph version 3.1. In this blog, we would

API Data with TigerGraph

Using API Data with TigerGraph

Why Does This Matter? Unfortunately, not all data on the Internet comes in nicely packaged CSV files. In fact, frequently, one might want to use