Expand Your Data and Analytics Capabilities with TigerGraph Connectors

Your data is only as good as your ability to understand it. Data-driven organizations want to leverage all their data assets. Integrating all the data sources and discovering latent connections can deliver the next level of insights. These advanced analytic capabilities are starting to become a must-have for every organization to gain business advantages.

TigerGraph, the only scalable graph database for the enterprise, delivers broader insight into all the relationships from your data. But, this requires deep integration with both upstream and downstream data sources. To address this need, TigerGraph has built a suite of connectors to complement your existing analytics capabilities by making the power of advanced analytics on connected data available to you better than before.

Data Ingestion Connectors

Snowflake Connector

TigerGraph and Snowflake are a powerful combination as illustrated by the two of Gartner’s Top Ten Trends in Data and Analytics from recent years (Cloud-based Data Warehouse and Graph Database Analytics). TigerGraph-Snowflake connector streamlines and accelerates data transfer from a Snowflake data warehouse to TigerGraph.

Key Features:

  • Parallel loading for fast throughput
  • Works with TigerGraph’s GSQL loading language
  • Works with TigerGraph 3.0+
  • Free and open-source
  • Leverages customer’s existing Spark environment

Data Visualization Connectors

With Data Visualization connectors, TigerGraph provides the power of advanced analytics on connected data to BI users – enabling them to accomplish more with their existing investments in BI tools. These connectors will help:

  • Breaking down the barrier that has separated graph databases from mainstream BI (business intelligence) tools.
  • Enabling graph users to develop the same professional-quality BI dashboards and reports available to RDBMS users.
  • Enabling BI tool users to connect directly to TigerGraph and use the same experience they’re used to.

Tableau Connector

Enriches data visualization with no-code analytics and graph-enabled dashboarding 

  • General purpose JDBC and ODBC connector 
  • Works with TigerGraph 3.1.2+ with TranslateSQL support
  • Direct support for SQL