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TigerGraph strives to deliver a best-in-class training experience, ensuring our customers’ success and building a certified global user community that’s proud to share their TigerGraph achievements.

TigerGraph University

By registering at TigerGraph University, you can learn at your own pace with free on-demand training, curated certification learning pathways, and certification exams. 

TigerGraph Certification Paths

TigerGraph certifications showcase your knowledge working with our graph database, graph algorithms, GSQL, and other related skills.

TigerGraph Associate Certification Path

Becoming a TigerGraph Certified Associate demonstrates your knowledge and skills using graph databases and GSQL programming to design schemas, load data, and run queries, as well as advanced usage of accumulators and deep-link analysis.

Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning Certification Path

Becoming certified in TigerGraph Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning demonstrates you’ve gained advanced knowledge and skills in using graph algorithms like shortest path, centrality, community detection, similarity, and classification for analyzing connected data, and conducting machine learning to gain deeper insights from the data.


What is my eligibility to take the TigerGraph Certification exams?
The Certified TigerGraph Certified Associate Exam and Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning Exam are available to anyone who feels prepared to attempt them. Any prerequisites to assess your knowledge are mentioned in the description for the exams. Also, there is self-learning content associated with each exam to prepare from.
What’s the cost of the certifications?
TigerGraph certifications are available for free.
How long are the certificates valid for?
Both Certified TigerGraph Certified Associate Exam and Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning certifications are valid for two years. After which, you will have to re-take the updated certification exam. This time period is set considering the product updates and version changes.
What happens if I fail the exam?

You have three attempts to pass the exam, after which you can re-register to get another three attempts to clear the exam.

Do I have to register or create an account to take the exam and receive the certificate?

Yes, you will need to create an account in TigerGraph University to access the exams and access additional learning resources.

Would you like to learn more about enablement training? ​

TigerGraph offers customized synchronous training for existing customers and partners. Please complete this form to request for a private training session.

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