Customer Success Story: Intuit

Leveraging Knowledge Graphs to Accelerate Intuit’s AI Journey

Tens of millions of consumers and businesses around the world rely on Intuit to deliver financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and services. Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Graphs, and Machine Learning are the foundational technology for Intuit to transform into an AI-driven expert platform.

“With our graph analytics architecture we’re able to come up with innovative and creative solutions – powerful variables that allow us to develop good models for our customers”

Dr. Jay Yu, Distinguished Engineer and Architect | Intuit

How to Build an AI-Based Customer 360 Platform – Intuit case study

Design principles and patterns for building a Customer 360 platform for the AI needs of the enterprise. Session includes demonstration of methods to integrate asynchronous and synchronous patterns of communication in the context of a Big Data store.

“We recently switched to TigerGraph from another graph store and we went through a POC and evaluated multiple graph offerings. Switching from the other graph store to TigerGraph led to a 77% reduction in infrastructure operating cost.”

Kumar Ramanathan, Director of Engineer | Intuit

Using Graph To Boost AI

As part of Intuit’s transformation to an AI-driven Expert Platform company, the Risk and Fraud team relies heavily on graph-based technologies to prevent fraud at scale. One of the challenges we were facing is how to integrate Machine Learning with Graph Databases for a Graph-based AI approach. In this talk, we will share Intuit’s Fraud and Risk Platform’s mission and architecture, the role Graph plays in our end-to-end solution, as well as techniques for Data Scientists to develop, test, and integrate graph-based features with AI models.

“Using graph-based (machine learning) features, our model shows an amazing improvement in detecting 50% more risk events (fraud) and also improving model precision by 50% (false positives) at the same time.“

Uri Lapidot, Senior Product Manager | Intuit

Graph + AI Roundtables Featuring Intuit

Accelerating Digital Transformation With Graph And AI

Digital transformation took on new urgency last year, as bulk of the commerce shifted to online sales, and most organizations moved their workforce to remote operations. How has this impacted your industry and what role do Graph and AI play in the journey to be a digital-first organization?

Transforming Financial Services With Graph + AI

Financial services organizations are competing in a time of unprecedented change, and must adapt or face consequences. The most innovative businesses are embracing graph analytics as a way to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, and find and stop fraud and financial crimes. In this session executives from Bank of America, Intuit, JPMorgan Chase and OpenCorporates will discuss how graph and artificial intelligence are changing the financial services industry in ways that would have been unimaginable a decade ago.