Coming Soon: Scalable Graph Analytics for All

TigerGraph 3.0 Press Release

The power of graph databases and analytics has until now been limited to technical users. Our latest product release, however, helps make graphs accessible to everyone. TigerGraph 3.0, with its “no code graph analytics,” is democratizing the adoption of advanced analytics by enabling non-technical users to accomplish as much with graphs as the experts do.

TigerGraph 3.0 includes the ability to run graph queries using intuitive drag and drop functionality, meaning non-technical users can reap the benefits of advanced graph analytics.

No Code Migration from Relational DB unlocks the massive potential in relational data stores (DB instances, data warehouses, data marts) by providing a no-code path to convert schema and load data to a graph.

No Code Graph Analytics with Visual Query Builder allows non-technical users to produce and run graph queries simply by drawing the patterns they want, similar to visual data modeling.

Enhancements in TigerGraph 3.0

TigerGraph 3.0 is a major release with a number of high-impact features that will address user experience as well as system performance and management.

New Features in GraphStudio:

No-Code Graph Analytics with Visual Query Builder
No-Code Migration from Relational Database

Enhancements to Query Engine:

Query data using Secondary/User-Defined Indexes, from both GSQL or GraphStudio
Schema-Flexible Querying for reusable, portable code
Interpreted mode querying in GraphStudio
Database Export/Import to move database instances easily
New Parallel Installer for faster deployment
New UI for User and License Key management
Enhancements to GSQL, GraphStudio and System Management