TigerGraph Cloud Suite

A one-stop hub for the TigerGraph family of cloud products and tools, included with TigerGraph Cloud
TigeGraph Cloud Suite

All of TigerGraph at Your Fingertips

Whether it’s designing your first graph database, creating great dashboards, building machine learning pipelines, or administering your database privileges, TigerGraph Cloud Suite has the tools you need.

GraphStudio, data mapping


Design, develop, load data to your graph database. A no/low-code interface for database architects and database developers.
  • Design a global graph model and unlimited local graph views
  • Map incoming data fields to your graph objects
  • Load data with one click
  • Explore and query your graphd

TigerGraph Insights

Build graph-powered applications in minutes. A no-code interface for anyone to build user-facing applications.

  • Explore/analyze the graph via widgets for charts, tables, maps, and graphs
  • Construct queries by drag-and-drop

Machine Learning Workbench

Unlock powerful machine learning capabilities on your connected data. A Jupyter/Python coding interface for data scientists.

  • Work in Python using TigerGraph’s pyTigerGraph library 
  • Use built-in functions for graph feature generation, graph data partitioning, subgraph sampling, and mini-batch processing


Edit and run GSQL with code hints. A GSQL shell for GSQL query developers.

  • Write and edit GSQL commands with autocomplete hints
  • See input and output  with syntax highlighting
  • Review and reuse your command history
GSQL Shell, run queries
GraphQL Service example

GraphQL Service

Unlock powerful machine learning capabilities on your connected data. A coding shell for GraphQL developers.

  • See input and output side-by-side with syntax highlighting
  • Read and modify graph data using an industry-standard, multi-platform protocol
  • Get schema-aware autocompletion hints



Manage your TigerGraph System. A graphical interface for database administrators.

  • Manage users and privileges
  • Configure your database
  • Monitor database operations
  • Search and read logs
Admin Portal

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