Cybersecurity Company Success Story

Market Leader in Cyber Resilience Scales Next-Generation Cybersecurity Services in the Cloud with TigerGraph

A market leader in cyber resilience offers threat intelligence, endpoint protection, and disaster recovery for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It is one of the first companies to harness the cloud and artificial intelligence together to stop cyber threats in real-time. One of their classification services has classified and scored nearly 100% of the Internet to generate one of the largest URL databases of its kind. 

The Challenge

The cybersecurity company was unable to scale their classification services with their existing solution based on SQL Server. New websites emerge at astonishing rates – in order to deliver effective cybersecurity, they needed to use accurate and timely threat data and execute thousands of classifications per second across massive data sets. They recognized that they needed an entirely new back-end to power their classification services in order to keep up with the ever-expanding internet.

The Solution

With the power of TigerGraph, the cybersecurity company can categorize new websites as they emerge and protect customers from web threats using real-time machine learning-based intelligence in the cloud. With a sophisticated combination of global threat sensors, the company is able to continuously update and expand its knowledge of classifications and risk scores, and identify new cyber threats at scale.  

The Results

The cybersecurity company’s classification services will be able to better protect its customers from malicious sites with accurate and timely threat detection powered by machine-learning and graph analytics. Through its collaboration with TigerGraph, the company has continued its legacy of innovation in cloud-based cybersecurity, harnessing next-generation technology to maintain its position as a market leader in the space.