Ippen Digital

Driving New Revenue Streams for Publishers with TigerGraph

Ippen Digital, a subsidiary of the Ippen Publishing Group in Germany, offers an integrated platform to aggregate content, drive subscription growth and manage advertising across a broad range of digital content. Ippen Digital is a pioneer in helping publishers transition to new digital revenue achieved through more sophisticated use of audience data and content recommendations.

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The Challenge

At a time of falling print media advertising spending, Ippen Digital is a pioneer in helping publishing transition to new digital revenue through more sophisticated use of content and audience data. Ippen Digital had previously developed an in-house recommendation engine for analyzing web access to its articles. However, with its strong growth over the last few years, it became apparent that this system was unable to deliver highly customized recommendations. Ippen sought an alternative solution utilizing graph database technology.

The Solution

Prior to selecting TigerGraph, Ippen Digital conducted its own in-house benchmarks based on its requirements and thoroughly compared all available systems. With the shortlist decided, Ippen Digital then built prototypes and performed more detailed performance tests. Ultimately, TigerGraph facilitated easier data preparation and powerful contextual analysis of data, enabling Ippen to power its existing recommendation engine with a knowledge graph.

TigerGraph’s native parallel graph database allows Ippen Digital to provide real-time deep link analytics that opens up vastly more information about each reader profile. This helps the company deliver relevant content that is more likely to capture their interest by leveraging prior onsite browsing behaviors, utilizing similarities across content and users, and taking advantage of cross-user behavioral patterns to discover and extract similarities between users, articles, and advertisements–all in real-time. Ippen Digital has built out a 360-degree view of each user with their interests, preferences and likely needs based on all of their digital interaction to deliver hyper-personalized recommendations for higher engagement and revenue.

The Results

Ippen Digital is enabling the publishing industry to transition to new revenue streams by leveraging TigerGraph to uncover the connections in its data. According to Jan Ippen, CEO of Ippen Digital, “TigerGraph is a strong product and we expect it will help us to operate local journalism as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in the future”. Ippen Digital anticipates being able to extend the efficacy of its solution as ever more insights are revealed.