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Tap into the Power of Connected Data through Graph Analytics and AI

Empowering data scientists, developers, IT
architects, and business leaders in a world where
everything is connected.

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Optimize Your Business

Leading companies have chosen TigerGraph to provide better customer service, optimize their businesses, create new customer experiences, and more.

AI Powered Insights

Unlock hidden value from all your data with unmatched intelligence, maximizing your competitive advantage.

Make Quicker Decisions

Build a digital twin of your whole operation and analyze it holistically so you can evaluate all the options and respond to opportunities and challenges in minutes not months.

Deepen Personalization

Integrate all your customer, product, and service data to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, providing customers with cohesive interactions across all touchpoints.

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Why Practitioners Love Us

Helping deliver insights from massive and disparate datasets — where speed matters

Blazing Performance, 100-1000x Faster

Unlock hidden value from all your data with unmatched intelligence, maximizing your competitive advantage.
Blazing Performance, 100-1000x Faster

Analytics in Real Time

ACID compliance on distributed systems, ensuring integration with your operational systems and up-to-date information.

Massive Scale, 30-100x More Data

Effortlessly scale enormous datasets across multiple applications and instances, self-hosted or fully managed on the TigerGraph Cloud.

Cloud Deployments to Fit Your Needs

Select your cloud provider and choose who manages the data.

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Graph-Powered Analytics and Machine Learning with TigerGraph

A practical guide that shows data scientists, data engineers, architects, and business analysts how to get started with a graph database using TigerGraph, one of the leading graph database models available.
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What Our
Customers Say

"One of the reasons why we chose TigerGraph was performance – TigerGraph was the only company that could ingest our data in 3.5 hours, while the other companies would take 7 hours."
John Conway
Principal Software Developer
"TigerGraph’s excellent scalability and performance enables us to achieve things we previously could not do, and to better support ongoing investigative work in the process."
Chris Taggart
"The power of graph + AI is to elevate data to connected data, enrich with semantics as a knowledge graph, to streamline and scale our AI efforts, ultimately translating to a personalized experience for everybody."
Distinguished Engineer and Architect
"It is much easier to integrate clinical and financial data with TigerGraph and drive clinical and financial outcomes than any other database solutions."
Kevin Henderson, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer
"To tackle all the scattered data correlations within our processes, Illumina has onboarded TigerGraph Cloud to begin building an analytical bridge between the many complex processes to tackle manufacturing bottlenecks and improve investigation turn-around time."
Stephen Horn
Staff Data Engineer, Global Ops
"TigerGraph enables Hoptek to offer a real-time and AI-powered operations digital twin and decision engine, able to compute thousands of real-life routes in milliseconds."
Balaji Guntur
CEO and Co-founder, Hoptek
"Graph has de-siloed our business — once you create data that crosses boundaries, you foster collaboration. That comes from the existence of a graph database that allows us to talk about meaningful information."
Director of Data and Analytics

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