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Abhay Solutions Incorporated is a leading information technology services and technology consulting company. The company is passionate about helping clients transform their organizations to get the most value out of their technology assets. Abhay has a unique advantage among consulting firms in being able to draw on a powerful corporate parentage: institutional stability, technology expertise, and diverse resources.



Abhay focuses on providing solutions in the cyber security, cloud, mobility and custom application development verticals. Abhay has deep expertise with Guidewire and Duck Creek Technologies. The company works with clients on their existing processes and industry vocabulary to address targeted business challenges. This is accomplished by forming seamless client-consultant teams and helping businesses respond with superior insight, agility, and success, to dynamic global changes.


Abhay’s consulting expertise combines long-standing industry expertise with local market knowledge and data, allowing the company to assist our clients with practical support and actionable strategy. The company is based in the United States, with offices in Canada, India and the United Kingdom.

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