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Expero develops custom software exclusively for domain-expert users like scientists, traders, engineers, healthcare professionals and government officials. For over 15 years Expero has been tapped by the world’s largest companies and institutions to deliver solutions others say can’t be done.



Expero succeeds not by being experts – though they are – but by quickly learning the domain of its clients and becoming true partners in their problem solving.


The company quickly saw the benefits of using graph database and analytics to manage its data, but quickly ran into problems scaling with its initial graph database vendor. Loading the data took a lot of time and once it was loaded, computing either didn’t finish or was extremely slow. TigerGraph provided Amgen with the speed and scale they were looking forExpero has broad industry expertise in financial services, energy, retail, life sciences and healthcare and more. The company has deep technical competency in supply chain, customer 360, fraud detection, graph technology, data products and machine learning, and identity management and entitlements. Expero is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.


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