2020 On-Demand Sessions

Watch all of our sessions from Graph + AI World Fall 2020, now on-demand. 

Graph + AI World Sessions


Day 1 Keynote featuring Ed Sverdlin, VP Advanced Technology Collaborative, R&D, UnitedHealth Group

Day 1 Keynote featuring Harry Powell, Director Data and Analytics, Jaguar Land Rover

Day 2 Keynote featuring Dr. Jay Yu, Distinguished Engineer and Architect, Intuit

Business Case Studies, Executive Roundtables and Industry Sessions

Graph-Based Identity Resolution at Scale – Xandr (part of AT&T) case study

Chinmay Nerurkar, Xandr
Dr. Subha Narasimhan, Xandr
Dr. Yana Volkovich, Xandr
Michael Berry, Xandr

How to Build an AI-Based Customer 360 Platform – Intuit case study

Gautam Gupta, Intuit
Kumar Ramanathan, Intuit

Executive Roundtable – Realigning Business and Tech Priorities for Covid-19 Pandemic

Alice Grout-Smith, Jaguar Land Rover
Chris J. Preimesberger, eWeek
Ed Sverdlin, UnitedHealth Group
Yaya Sylla, SaH Analytics

Executive Roundtable – Transforming Media & Entertainment With Graph + AI

Abraham Greenstein, AT&T
Jan Ippen, Ippen Digital
Timothy Prickett Morgan, The Next Platform

Executive Roundtable – Transforming Financial Services With Graph + AI

Dr. Jay Yu, Intuit
Rebecca Lee, OpenCorporates
Tom Taulli, Forbes

Investor Executive Roundtable –
New Opportunities Unlocked By Graph + AI

Tom Taulli, Forbes
Jai Das, Sapphire Ventures
Steven Xi, Eastlink Capital

Application of Graph Model in Fintech and Risk Management

Jing Wang, CEO, Fintell

Data Scientist Panel: Transforming Data Science with Graph + AI

Chinmay Nerurkar, Xandr
Dan McCreary, Optum
Jon Herke, TigerGraph

The Future of Graph Query Languages: the GQL and SQPGQ Standards

Keith Hare, JCC, Jeffrey Lovitz, Redis Labs, Dan McCreary, Optum, Juan Sequeda data.world, Dr. Alin Deutsch, TigerGraph & Tony Baer, dbInsight

 Graph + AI in Financial Services

Abhishek Mehta, Director Field Engineering, TigerGraph

Fraud Detection and Compliance with Graph Learning

Sai Burra, Abhay Solutions

Accelerating Innovation at the Confluence of Human-Curated Content and Artificial Intelligence

Mark Grabau, Chief Analytics Officer, CAS

Graphs For the Future Energy Systems 

Adrián Miranda, University of Oviedo

Correspondent Banking Networks: Theory and Experiment

Nima Safaei & Taha Jaffer, Scotiabank

Graph + AI for Customer Experience

Steven Fuller, TigerGraph

Use Case Focused Sessions Combining Graph Algorithms and AI

Innovative Architecture for Real Time Healthcare Analytics

Dan McCreary, Optum
Nikhil Deshpande, Intel

Fast Parallel Similarity Calculations with FPGA Hardware

Dan McCreary, Optum
Kumar Deepak, Xilinx

Building a State of the Art Fraud Detection System with Graph + AI

Richard Henderson, TigerGraph

The Key to Creating a Golden Thread: The Power of Graph Databases for Entity Resolution

Charlie Beveridge, Accenture

Supply Chain & Logistics Management with Graph DB & AI

Amadeus Tunis, Publicis Sapient

Deep Link Analytics Empowered by AI + Graph + Verticals

Dongyan Wang, Landing AI

Building An Accurate Understanding of Consumers Based on Real-World Signals

Ravi Kaushik & Sandeep Singh, Near

Hardware Accelerated Machine Learning Solution for Detecting Fraud and Money Laundering Rings

Kumar Abhishek, Xilinx
Dr. Victor Lee, TigerGraph

Fraudulent Credit Card Cash-Out Detection

Huaikang Xing & Jiachen Shen

Delivering Large Scale Real-time Graph Analytics with Dell Infrastructure and TigerGraph

Anurag Juneja, Dell

TigerGraph Financial Crimes UI Toolkit

Scott Heath, Expero
Michael Shaler, TigerGraph

TigerGraph UI Toolkits

Scott Heath, Expero
Michael Shaler, TigerGraph

Sessions Featuring Cutting-Edge Graph & AI/ML Technology

Care Intervention Assistant – A Real-Time Approach to Omaha Clinical Data Classification Using Chatbot Interactions


Recommendation Engine with In-Database Machine Learning

Changran Liu, TigerGraph
Mingxi Wu, TigerGraph

Better Together: How Graph Databases Enable Easy Data Integration with Spark and Kafka in the Cloud

Emma Liu, TigerGraph
Rayees Pasha, TigerGraph

Deploying an End-to-End Enterprise Architecture with Kafka, MariaDB, and PyTigerGraph

Bruno Šimić, TigerGraph
Szilard Barany, TigerGraph

From Dataframes to Graph: Data Science with pyTigerGraph

Parker Erickson, Optum

Introduction to the TigerGraph Developer Portal with Machine Learning

Jon Herke, TigerGraph

Training and Certification Sessions for Graph Algorithms and Machine Learning

Business User Workshop: Designing Advanced Analytics Patterns with TigerGraph 3.0 No-Code GUI

Emma Liu & Abhishek Mehta, TigerGraph

Hands-on Workshop: Accelerating Machine Learning with Graph Algorithms

Dr. Changran Liu & Dr. Victor Lee, TigerGraph

Introduction to Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning Certification

Dr. Victor Lee, TigerGraph

Deep-Dive for Power Users – Best Practices in Graph Query Writing

Xinyu Chang, TigerGraph

Building Business User GUI with Streamlit Visualization Platform

Akash Kaul & Rohan Shiva, Futurist Academy
Randy Zwitch, Streamlit

Ramping up on Knowledge Graphs with TigerGraph and AI

Dr. Arvind Sathi & Vamsi Krishna Duvvuri, KPMG
Neena Sathi, Applied AI Institute 

How Graph + AI Fits in Your Enterprise Architecture

Xinyu Chang & Dr. Victor Lee, TigerGraph

Relational and RDF to Graph – A Data Engineer’s Journey

Abhishek Mehta, Emma Liu & Steve Fuller, TigerGraph

Laying the Business Foundations for Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Kurt Cagle, CTO, Semantic LLC & Community Editor, Data Science Central