This project helps foster critical thinking by showing bias/accuracy of all news sources and also helps them explore news with differing viewpoints.


A cool new Google Chrome extension that fosters critical thinking by identifying bias/accuracy of all news sources. The technology also allows users to explore specific topics with differing viewpoints that challenge the status quo.
I wanted to work on making people aware of their inherent bias due to the social media bubble they live in. So built a chrome extension which works on a Graph database backend and tells them similar and differing news views.
What it does
  • Chrome extension shows bias/accuracy ratings of all news sites visited by user
  • News articles with similar and differing view points are shown to make user aware of the bias

How we built it

  • Data is fetched from Newscatcher API periodically using cron jobs. This data is then loaded on to tiger graph database to populate the graph and run cosine based similarity algos
  • Basic Entity detection is done using NLP libraries
  • News Data is then exposed through simple REST API application built on python flask