TIGERGRAPH AND Google cloud next

Improve Profitability with Google Cloud and TigerGraph

TigerGraph Cloud is one of the only distributed and scalable graph database-as-a-service offerings on Google Cloud Marketplace, and Google Cloud’s robust and secure infrastructure and its vast ecosystem have enabled our joint customers to advance their graph analytics in a variety of use cases from TigerGraph Cloud.

Companies are using TigerGraph, the only scalable graph database, to improve fraud detection, optimize supply chains, improve eCommerce performance, and much more. process efficiency detects fraud, prevents money laundering, and optimizes product revenue. 

Our customers have eliminated unnecessary expenses with graph-based AI, improved supply chain processes, and have connected tens of millions of users’ data for better AI-driven decisions.

  • Intuit’s fraud detection model detected 50% more risk events and improved prediction accuracy by 50%, using machine learning, visualization, and TigerGraph.
  • Jaguar Land Rover has accelerated its supply chain optimization from three weeks to 45 minutes and is generating $100 million annually in profits, using TigerGraph.
  • Wish became the 3rd-largest eCommerce platform in the United States in under 10 years with more personalized and effective recommendations powered by TigerGraph.

Achieve even more when you combine TigerGraph with BigQuery, Vertex AI, and other Google Cloud solutions. Everyone, from data scientists to business users, can get started with TigerGraph Cloud and Google Cloud, in minutes, not hours. Start today.