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The Payments Business


The Payments Business and Academy is a networking and member driven forum of payment and banking professionals who share, support and inform each other about competitive issues, innovations and regulatory changes in the banking and payments industry. We cover Retail, Wholesale and Corporate Payments and Treasury; and include innovative products and services now permitted under the new legislative landscape of Open Banking and PSD 2. We are a core disseminator of information to the industry through our Membership Forum, and guide our membership on what help exists, and from where to retrieve this detail.. We raise our members’ profile and industry participants’ profiles, and introduce them to a wider audience; thereby enabling them to understand better the ever-changing UK Payments Industry.

We do this by adopting a collaborative and interactive approach to all industry participants through:

  • Assisting stakeholders navigate the changing payments landscape
  • Being a voice for payments and a …
  • Signpost on solutions for UK Payments Industry participants and clients

The Payments Business & Academy