Premium Television Company

Premium Television Network Increases Customer Loyalty and Subscriber Revenues with TigerGraph

This company, the longest continuously operating pay television service in the United States, is one of the world’s premium brands. Its programming is available to over 36 million households in the United States, and the company distributes content in at least 151 countries with approximately 140 million subscribers worldwide. The company also provides its content through digital media: the channel maintains a video on demand streaming service available as a website and offers a slate of mobile apps exclusively to existing subscribers of the linear channel suite. Many of its programs are syndicated to other networks and broadcast television stations.

“Finding creative, efficient and analytical solutions to real world data issues is a key focus,” says Senior Vice President, Data Management and Consumer Analytics, “We are committed to leveraging our expertise in managing and mining to accomplish key organizational goals.”

The Challenge

The company wants to ensure that consumers keep coming back and subscription revenues continue to increase – accomplishing this depends on being able to promote content and advertisements to the appropriate consumers which first requires an ability to create a single profile for subscribers viewing content on different platforms and devices. The broad availability of the company’s content through a variety of distribution vehicles is both a blessing and a curse – although it allows more people to access its content conveniently inside and outside their homes, it also makes it challenging for the company to be fully informed about which subscribers are watching its programming and how that content is being consumed.

The Solution

TigerGraph is enabling the company to increase customer loyalty and subscriber revenues with an entity resolution solution that creates a single ID for each subscriber – information about which content was viewed, by whom, when, for how long, and on which devices, is integrated into a unified profile for each individual subscriber. Additionally, TigerGraph also provides the company with a recommendation engine that prompts viewers to watch additional content that most closely aligns to their interests based on viewing history and user ratings.

The Results

The company is enjoying a significant improvement after deploying TigerGraph – the company has improved the efficiency of its marketing and advertising operations. Additionally, key executives are more confident in the company’s ability to promote the most appealing programming to subscribers.