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SaH Analytics offers complete solutions to customers looking for reliable, scalable and sustainable solutions. The company enables its clients, who typically operate in dynamic sectors, to anticipate new trends and respond in ways that provide a compelling competitive advantage, and maximize profitability.



SaH operates in several industries including banking, telecommunications, energy, agriculture, transportation, education, health, and insurance. The company’s technology expertise includes analysis and big data, software, networks and telecoms, biometric systems, embedded systems, and the internet of things. SaH is headquartered in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.


Accenture has 185 partners in its ecosystem enabling the company to extend its full-service technology and business capabilities. Accenture’s aim is to harness the potential of these platforms at the greatest speed in the market, accelerating the path to 360° value for everyone. The company has more than 505,000 employees in over 200 offices around the world.

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