TigerGraph Product Support Policy

(updated April 2020)

TigerGraph provides Support of eligible software under the terms of this Support Policy as long as Customer maintains a current subscription to Support. Support means the services described in this Support Policy and does not include one-time services or other services not specified in this Support Policy, such as training, consulting or custom development. This Support Policy is part of and subject to an agreement with TigerGraph (the “Agreement”) that includes (unless Customer has executed a separate agreement with TigerGraph) the Enterprise Terms (at www.tigergraph/legal-terms) and the Order Schedule under which Customer purchased its Subscription to Support.

Customers may initiate a request for Support and Maintenance Services via TigerGraph’s website at https://tigergraph.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new or via email at [email protected].  

Standard support is included with your subscription.  For pricing on Premium Support please contact [email protected]

Support feature
Service Hours
7 am to 7 pm Local Time (M- F )
Response Time
Urgent – 4 Hours
Urgent – 1 Hour
High – 12 Hours
High – 4 Hours
Medium – 24 Hours
Medium – 12 Hours
Low – 48 Hours
Low – 24 Hours
Dedicated Slack Channel
Max Technical Contacts
Named Support Engineer

How to Open a Ticket

Make sure you are the technical contact in the contract.

  • Check available FAQ and documentation pages to see if a self-service solution is possible.
  • Open link https://tigergraph.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  • Fill out the details of the issue. For severity level please see the Severity Levels table below.
  • Thoroughly describe the issue, the context, the steps leading up to the issue, and steps you may have taken following the initial observance of a problem. Attach error messages, screenshot or stack trace if possible.
  • Click on the Submit button.

When a Technical Contact submits a support request, TigerGraph will reasonably assess its severity according to the appropriate severity levels defined below. TigerGraph will confirm the severity level with Customer and will resolve any disagreement regarding the severity as soon as is reasonably practicable. Urgent and High priority levels are not available for non-production systems.

Technical Contacts and Timezone

A technical contact is an employee or contractor of the Customer whom the Customer designates to be a primary contact for submitting and conversing with TigerGraph about support requests. The maximum number of technical contacts is determined by the support subscription level. The Customer shall identify such persons to TigerGraph in writing promptly after the Effective Date.  For Standard tier service, the Customer shall also designate their local timezone. The Customer may change such contacts upon written notice to TigerGraph. TigerGraph will not be obligated to provide Support and Maintenance Services to any person other than the designated liaisons. 

Severity Levels

Upon receiving a support request based on the Severity levels below, TigerGraph may then re-classify the problem according to these criteria if there is an issue with Customer’s classification TigerGraph will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to, and to resolve such problems under:

Urgent (P1)
Service availability: Production Service is down | Data integrity: Customer data is lost or corrupt | Data Security: Security access violation | And no workaround is available
High (P2)
Production Service is available but degraded | Subpar Performance affecting normal operations | Non-production service is down | A workaround is available but not feasible long term
Medium (P3)
Partial loss of functionality in a subsystem | Normal operations are not affected
Low (P4)
General usage questions | Clarification in documentation


Support and Maintenance Services will not include services requested, and any services requested will be charged to Customer at TigerGraph’s then-current rates: (i) customer fail to follow this Agreement or user document in order to maintain the proper operating environment to use the Licensed Software; or (ii) modification, alteration, or addition of any portion of the Licensed Software by a person other than TigerGraph.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers shall provide TigerGraph with access to Customer’s personnel, equipment and testing environments for TigerGraph to perform Support and Maintenance Services.

Customers shall document and promptly report all errors or malfunctions in the Licensed Software to TigerGraph.  Customers shall take all steps to carry out procedures for the rectification of errors or malfunctions within a reasonable time after such procedures have been received from TigerGraph.

Software Updates

TigerGraph may update the Licensed Software and Third Party Software occasionally, and proper operation of Licensed Software depends upon Customer ensuring that such Software Updates are installed automatically by the Licensed Software.  TigerGraph shall provide to Customer any Software Updates that TigerGraph generally provides to all its Support and Maintenance Services customers. TigerGraph shall have no obligation to provide Support and Maintenance Services for any version of the Licensed Software released over twelve (12) months before the then-most current version.  TigerGraph may, at its option, provide Support and Maintenance Services for such version of the Licensed Software under a Statement of Work.