TigerGraph Product Support Policy

TigerGraph Product Support Policy

(updated April 2019)

Support and Maintenance.

Customer may initiate a request for Support and Maintenance Services via TigerGraph’s website at www.tigergraph.com, email at support@tigergraph.com, or telephone at 650-206-8888.  TigerGraph will use commercially reasonable efforts commensurate with the severity of the error to respond to such request within the target response and target resolution times specified below.  TigerGraph will make its support and maintenance personnel available 5 business days (Mon-Fri, excluding U.S. public holidays) a week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time. Further support information may be found at http://doc.tigergraph.com/TigerGraph-Platform-Knowledge-Base-and-FAQs.html.

1.     Liaison.

Customer will designate up to 2 technical liaisons to solve technical problems and will identify such person to TigerGraph in writing promptly after the Effective Date.  Customer may change such liaison upon written notice to TigerGraph.  TigerGraph will not be obligated to provide Support and Maintenance Services to any person other than the designated liaisons.

2.     Service Levels.

Upon receiving a support request based on the Severity levels below, TigerGraph may then re-classify the problem according to these criteria if there is an issue with Customer’s classification TigerGraph will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to, and to resolve such problems under:

Severity Description Target Response Time
High System or critical subsystem down with critical impact on service delivery.  No workaround or alternative is available. 4 Hours
Medium System performance substantially degraded or restricted; system and/or data exposed to potential loss or interruption. 12 Hours
Low Minor imperfection, discrepancy, or peculiarity, or system functionality is marginally affected or unaffected; no critical impact on service delivery. 24 Hours


3.   Exclusions.

Support and Maintenance Services will not include services requested because of and any services requested as a result thereof will be charged to Customer at TigerGraph’s then-current rates: (i) failure by Customer to maintain the proper operating environment to use the Licensed Software under this Agreement or instructions provided by TigerGraph; or (ii) modification, alteration, or addition of any portion of the Licensed Software by a person other than TigerGraph.

4.     Customer Responsibilities.

TigerGraph’s obligation to provide Support and Maintenance Services is subject to:

4.1  Customer shall provide TigerGraph with access to Customer’s personnel, equipment and testing environments during normal business hours for TigerGraph to perform Support and Maintenance Services.

4.2  Customer shall document and promptly report all errors or malfunctions in the Licensed Software to TigerGraph.  Customer shall take all steps to carry out procedures for the rectification of errors or malfunctions within a reasonable time after such procedures have been received from TigerGraph.

5.     Software Updates.

TigerGraph may update the Licensed Software and Third Party Software occasionally, and proper operation of Licensed Software depends upon Customer ensuring that such Software Updates are installed automatically by the Licensed Software.  TigerGraph shall provide to Customer any Software Updates that TigerGraph generally provides to all its Support and Maintenance Services customers. TigerGraph shall have no obligation to provide Support and Maintenance Services for any version of the Licensed Software released over twelve (12) months before the then-most current version.  TigerGraph may, at its option, provide Support and Maintenance Services for such version of the Licensed Software under a Statement of Work.