TigerGraph Platform Features

The World’s Fastest and Most Scalable Graph Platform


Designed for Scale, Performance and Ease of Use

TigerGraph’s comprehensive graph platform is designed with intuitive features empowering data scientists and developers to deliver innovative graph solutions based on algorithms such as PageRank and Community Detection in hours. From GSQL, intuitive SQL-like graph query language to visual Graph Studio SDK, find out how TigerGraph can help you deliver deeper insights and better business outcomes.

Deep-Link Multi-Hop Analytics

Gain deeper insights through queries which can traverse 10 or more hops and perform complex analytics.

Real-Time Performance

Get answers fast! Sub-second response for queries accessing and computing with 10s of millions of entities/relationships.

Enterprise-Grade Security

TigerGraph knows you need not just performance but safety and security. We’re more than just speed and scalability.

Massively Parallel Processing

Our ground-up design ensures that we exploit parallelism at every level, from the storage engine up to the GSQL high-level query language, giving you industry-leading concurrency and speed.

Ultra-Fast Loading and Updates

Your business is in constant motion, so your database needs to keep up with it. Bulk loads at 100GB/hour/node and real-time online update make sure you’re on top of things.

Scalability For Massive Datasets

Invest wisely in a database that can scale out with your growing needs (and stay fast, of course). Trillion-edge graphs are running real-time analytics in production.


TigerGraph GraphStudio™ is our simple yet powerful graphical user interface. GraphStudio integrates all the phases of graph data analytics into one easy-to-use graphical user interface.


The GSQL™ query language is the choice for high-performance graph operations and analytics. High-level syntax, Turing completeness, and built-in parallelism mean faster performance, development and the ability to describe any algorithm.


Multiple groups can share the same master database, while retaining local control and security. This helps enterprises break down data silos, improving transparency and access to data.