Everything is Connected

The Only Scalable Platform for Analytics and ML
on Connected Data




Solve Critical Business Problems

Find Hidden Networks

Identify patterns of relationships and money flows which even the most sophisticated criminals can never completely hide.

Deepen Personalization

Connect together everything you know about your customers, products and services so you can offer a true omnichannel experience.

Make Quicker Decisions

Build a Digital Twin of your whole operation and analyse it holistically so you can evaluate all the options and respond to opportunities and shocks in minutes not months.


The Complete Graph Analytics Platform

TigerGraph Cloud

Distributed cloud-native graph database accelerates development of graph applications

TigerGraph Machine Learning Workbench

Python/Jupyter notebook environment integrates with your ML framework to run graph ML models within the graph itself.

TigerGraph Insights

No-code self-service graph analytics and visualisation tool for analysts and business users to explore graph data themselves


The Best Graph Database, by miles

30-100x more data

So you can analyze your complete dataset without having to cut critical connections and potentially get completely the wrong answer.

100-1000x faster

So you can run deeper queries, and run more iterations on graph algorithms and ML so you get accurate results you can rely on

Analytics in Real Time

ACID on distributed systems, so you can integrate it with your operational systems confident that you are working on up-to-date information.

Improving the quality of healthcare by identifying influencers and referral networks using TigerGraph

Developing a workspace solution that engages employees and increases productivity using TigerGraph

The world’s largest open database of companies uses TigerGraph as its backend graph database

Accelerating credit assessments and anti-fraud evaluations using TigerGraph

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Native Parallel Graphs

The Next Stage in the Graph Database Evolution