German Digital Content Pioneer Ippen Digital Chooses TigerGraph To Deliver Personalized, Real-Time Recommendations To Customers

TigerGraph Graph Database Technology Will Power Ippen Knowledge Graph, Increasing Performance and Scale of Data Analytics Operations for German Publishing House

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Jan. 14, 2020 – TigerGraph, the only scalable graph database for the enterprise, today announced that Ippen Digital, a digital content specialist, has chosen TigerGraph to improve its content recommendation processes to enhance customer engagement and drive digital revenues.

Ippen Digital GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in digital content that develops content strategies and advises companies in handling content on all digital platforms. Ippen Digital is part of Ippen Verlagsgruppe, one of the largest news media groups in Germany with 25 newspapers and more than 60 websites and weeklies.

The company offers an integrated platform for aggregating content, driving subscription growth and managing advertising within a range of digital content marketing services. At a time of falling print media advertising spending, Ippen Digital is a pioneer in helping publishing transition to new digital revenue through more sophisticated use of content and audience data.

Ippen Digital had previously developed an in-house recommendation engine for analyzing web access to its articles. However, with its strong growth over the last few years, it became apparent that this system was unable to deliver highly customized recommendations which prompted it to evaluate an alternative solution utilizing graph database technology that is well suited to these types of big data analytics use cases.

“Our recommendation engine is based on machine learning and our choice of graph database technology allows for easier data preparation along with more powerful contextual analysis of data to build a Knowledge Graph,” explains Jan Ippen, CEO of Ippen Digital.

Prior to selecting TigerGraph, Ippen Digital conducted its own in-house benchmarks based on its requirements and thoroughly compared all available systems. With the shortlist decided, Ippen Digital then built prototypes and performed more detailed performance tests.

“TigerGraph provides a scalable and high-performance graph database platform,” says Ippen. “The integration has proven straightforward and the flexibility of the GSQL environment makes it much easier for developers who are not yet Graph specialists to quickly get involved in our production processes.”

TigerGraph’s native parallel graph database allows Ippen Digital to provide real-time deep link analytics that opens up vastly more information about each reader profile. This helps deliver relevant content that is more likely to capture their interest, exploiting past onsite browsing behavior, similarities across content and users, and cross-user behavioral patterns to discover and extract similarities between users, articles and advertisements – all in real time. Ippen Digital has built out a 360-degree view of each user with their interests, preferences and likely needs based on all of their digital interaction to deliver hyper-personalized recommendations for higher engagement and revenue.

The new recommendation platform is expected to go live during Q1 of 2020 and initial tests have proven positive. “TigerGraph is a strong product and we expect it will help us to operate local journalism as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in the future,” Ippen added.

Commenting on the project, Martin Darling, Managing Director (EMEA) for TigerGraph added, “Ippen Digital is a pioneer in the digital content industry in Germany and we look forward to working closely with the team to deliver a breakthrough platform to help it deliver on its vision of better integrating both sides of the publishing industry.”

In June 2019, TigerGraph opened its first office in Germany, and appointed a business leadership team to help strengthen its presence across the DACH region and support a growing number of European customers.

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