TigerGraph Welcomes Former Neo4J Global Customers; Adds Industry Leader and Trailblazer to its Executive Team and Announces Fall Graph + AI Summits

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Aug. 19, 2021 TigerGraph, provider of the leading graph analytics platform, today announced that Dr. Jay Yu, a Distinguished Engineer, Architect and Director leading Intuit’s Knowledge Graph projects, will join the company as Vice President of Product Innovation for TigerGraph’s San Diego Innovation Center. In addition to bringing on recognizable figures in the graph industry, the company is also attracting Neo4j global customers that have abandoned its technology to move into the future with TigerGraph; many of which will present at this fall’s Graph + AI Summit, the only open industry conference for accelerating analytics and AI with graph algorithms.

Dr. Yu comes to TigerGraph with experience spanning over 18 years at Intuit, where he led the Financial Knowledge Graph project, built a center of excellence and drove the adoption of the graph technology for large-scale commercial use cases. Dr. Yu will serve as the Vice President of Product Innovation and GM at the San Diego Innovation Center for TigerGraph. He holds 28 granted patents and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison with a focus on scalable distributed database systems.

“Every company is graphing, and the innovators are reaping massive benefits as they introduce it into their business,” said Dr. Yu Xu, CEO at TigerGraph. “We are thrilled to add tech pioneer Dr. Jay Yu to the TigerGraph executive team. Dr. Yu will lead the development of applications that empower business users to experience the power of graph without having to get under the hood. When a Tesla or a Porsche accelerates, customers feel the power and enjoy the experience without knowing the engineering. Our vision is to bring that same customer experience to analytics.”

“When the opportunity presents itself to join TigerGraph, I did not hesitate as I am passionate about advancing the graph technology and I can’t wait to work with the most innovative and cutting-edge technology pioneers in the industry,” said Dr. Yu. “I’m excited to join the TigerGraph leadership team to grow the company to the next level, creating better customer outcomes and additional business value. I look forward to building out the San Diego Innovation Center to attract the top talent and to accelerate product and technology innovation on top of the existing TigerGraph offerings, already the most scalable graph technology proven in production by Fortune 500 companies.”  

Global Businesses of All Sizes Move off Neo4J to Power their Digital Transformation

TigerGraph is seeing explosive growth in its customer-base as Neo4J customers continue to accelerate their digital transformation journey with the power of TigerGraph technology. Thus far, customers of all sizes and across the globe have seen immediate benefits:

Series F unicorn Gojek, valued at $10B+, replaced Neo4J with TigerGraph and immediately saw how TigerGraph outperformed Neo4J in the following areas:

  • Data loading – TigerGraph reached up to 1.5 million created nodes per second for large graphs, about 70x more efficient than Neo4J; 
  • Query execution – With a medium-sized graph (82.7 million vertices/business objects, 218 million relationships) TigerGraph finished four-hop queries in 30 minutes. However, Neo4j failed to produce any results for the same four-hop queries after 10 hours;
  • Visualization – TigerGraph’s GraphStudio offers a lot more functionality and superior user experience when it comes to graph explorations and query management than Neo4j’s desktop.

According to Gartner, by 2025 graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision making across the organization. 

Graph is highly effective at assessing risk and supports rapid response to changes in the data. Other innovators include:

  • Jaguar Land Rover: added over £100M to its profit as they were able to identify issues in their supply chain and respond in minutes with TigerGraph, compared to 3 weeks with RDMS.
  • Exact Sciences: leader in cancer testing: selected TigerGraph to improve its understanding of its customers to reduce churn and provide better next best action. TigerGraph is pulling data from Snowflake and other SQL sources to connect, link and analyze the data.
  • Intuit Corporation: boosted fraud detection by 50% by combining graph and machine learning.
  •  The Technical University of Denmark: combined graph technology with machine learning to improve the treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of cancer that disproportionately affects children. 

Graph + AI Summit Returns in October

Due to high demand, TigerGraph will once again be hosting the industry’s largest and only open conference for accelerating analytics and AI with graph. The fall versions of Graph + AI Summit will be held in October. It will be a hybrid event, with in-person Graph + AI San Francisco on October 5, and in-person Graph + AI New York on October 19, with both the events streamed live to an estimated 10,000  virtual attendees around the world.  

Graph + AI Summit Spring 2021 in April had 7,000 attendees from the Fortune 500 across 74 countries who are using graph technology to drive their businesses into tomorrow, today. Graph + AI Summit has attracted the most innovative technology companies to come and speak, including: HBO, JPMorgan Chase, IBM, Jaguar Land Rover, Pinterest, Forrester, Accenture, Intuit, KPMG, Intel, Dell, Xilinx and more technology-first and customer-centric technologies. The Graph + AI Fall 2021 roster will feature many of these thought leaders along with new speakers from the world’s largest companies across all industries. Apply to speak here.

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