Cloud Credits

The TigerGraph Cloud Credits Program is the best on-ramp to TigerGraph Cloud

Budget Friendly

Buy, secure and manage cloud spending in one transaction. Additionally, take advantage of budgeting cycles to pre-purchase cloud services, and then apply credits when business demand dictates.

Cost Visibility and Control

IT or procurement can monitor TigerGraph Cloud spending and plan credits more strategically from My TigerGraph Cloudportal for easy planning and tracking.

Ease of Use

Avoid spending time and money on approving individual cloud services purchases throughout the year. Manage and redeem credits in My TigerGraph Cloud.

Risk Mitigation

Cloud computing is enabled on trusted TigerGraph Cloud technology through credit redemption.

How it Works

⇨ Consult your TigerGraph or Solution Provider to identify your public or hybrid cloud needs, and purchase Cloud Credits in line with these requirements. Cloud Credits are available for purchase globally and can be included in enterprise license agreements.

⇨ Establish Cloud Credit funds through the My TigerGraph Cloud portal.

⇨ Consume cloud services through the My TigerGraph Cloud portal.

Despite its comprehensive and well-documented graph database functionality, the current leading solution is considerably slower in comparison. In benchmark tests, TigerGraph can load a batch of data in one hour, while the other solution requires a 24-hour day.

Use of Cloud Credits

The TigerGraph advantage lies in the fact that we represent graphs as a computational model. Compute functions can be associated with each vertex and edge in the graph, transforming them into active parallel compute-storage elements, in a behavior identical to what neurons exhibit in human brains.

Cloud Credits can be redeemed for TigerGraph Cloud technology including compute, storage, backup, and support. 

With TigerGraph Cloud Credits, you can take advantage of cloud economics and improve business agility, while reducing IT capital expenditures on new equipment. TigerGraph Cloud Credits give you increased budget flexibility and you maintain control and visibility of your cloud spend through your My TigerGraph Cloud account. Purchase credits from TigerGraph or your TigerGraph Cloud Solution Provider Partner and redeem as needed over time. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Cloud Credits expire one year from date of purchase.
  • Cloud Credits must be redeemed in USD.
  • Cloud Credits can be applied to a monthly committed cloud service plan that extends beyond the expiration date of the credit.
  • Cloud Credits can only be redeemed at which can include backup and support, which Cloud Credits can be applied.
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Trusted Technology

Improving the Quality of Healthcare by Identifying Influencers and Referral Networks using TigerGraph

Developing a Workspace Solution that Engages Employees and increases Productivity using TigerGraph

The world’s largest open database of companies uses TigerGraph as its backend graph database

Improving the Quality of Healthcare by Identifying Influencers and Referral Networks using TigerGraph